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Best Fleet Tracking Software 2020

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Fleet management is a crucial department to have. That’s not only for its advantages in business monitoring. Work fleet requires hefty investment and considerations. Besides the vehicle, you need to track fuel and repair expenses.

Luckily, GPS fleet tracking software is easily accessible today. According to software experts, like Akveo, there are a plethora of companies to choose from. You can find different features in every system. Pricing also varies significantly, offering solutions for every business size.

Why should you care about fleet management?

Fleet management organizes your business’ vehicles. It allows you to monitor your investments and their lifecycle. This is vital for many obvious reasons. The most important benefits include the following:

  • Better efficiency.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Boost productivity.
  • Risk management.
  • Regulation compliance.
  • Vehicle and employee safety.

Fleet managers use several techniques to take care of this responsibility. Those include tracking assets, monitoring mechanical diagnostics, driving behavior, and more. 

It’s difficult without fleet monitoring software

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Implementing GPS tracking fleet management software should be a priority. Fleet managers have many responsibilities. Most of these tasks are also quite complicated, given their position’s scope.

For instance, acquiring vehicles is part of their job. It might sound straightforward—until you remember what it entails. You need to check their legislation and suitability before negotiating.

Afterward, those vehicles become an ongoing investment. You need to hire and maintain drivers, track fuel spending, and more. That’s a lot of data, without accounting for other responsibilities. Things like asset and mobility management and vendor databases are key.

How does fleet management GPS tracking software help you?

In essence, company GPS tracking systems centralize all that information. You can simplify and even automate countless tasks. That includes managing expenses, invoices, dispatches, and more.

Every problem we mentioned has a solution with these platforms:

It’s complicated to maintain vehicles. Managers need to check their legal compliance, maintenance, and more.Fleet management software sends notifications for maintenance. It’s automated, working with parameters like dates and mileage.
Micromanaging drivers and their fuel consumption is daunting.You can track vehicles in real-time via GPS. Akveo software tracks fuel usage and driving behavior.
There’s too much data to process at a time. Accounting for all variables breeds room for error.Driver tracking software centralizes all that information. It updates in real-time to ensure accuracy and decision-making.
Legal compliance can pose a challenge with larger fleets.Fleet management software notifies on expiry dates to ensure all legal information is up-to-date.

Our top GPS tracker software picks

When choosing GPS fleet tracking software, some features are vital. You can find all the functionality you need on different platforms. With that in mind, these features should be the core of your software:

  • Streamlining administration: invoices, quotes, managing expenses, and more.
  • Fuel assessment: consumption and costly driving behavior.
  • Maintenance tracking: workflow automation, reminders, and scheduling.
  • Communication features to reach your drivers.
  • Regulation compliance features.

Those features make up the thick of our top picks.


This software offers a central suite with more than merely GPS tracking. You can link it to dash cams, sensors, and documentation apps. It’s an excellent app for boosting efficiency. Its insight into driving behavior is the main advantage.

It stores all dashcam video on the cloud. Said cams even come with audio alerts for risk reduction.

Advanced Tracking Technologies

This solution isn’t as advanced as Samsara. However, it’s perfected the foundations of driver tracking software. It monitors vehicle use, locations, behavior, and fuel expenses.

You can assess maintenance and repairs from the dashboard. It’s a straightforward program to implement. Other features include time trackers, digital clock-in, and asset tracking.


USFleetTracking also offers hardware for your fleet. These installations include wireless tracking devices and other accessories. They connect with their cloud platform, accessible from both desktop and mobile.

You don’t need to download any software as long as you create an account. You get access to every basic feature: fuel usage, maintenance, driving behavior, and more.

However, it has additional functionality that we can’t overlook. You can check vehicle details, like speeds and ignitions. The same is true for live weather and traffic reports.


Geotab focuses on productivity optimization and asset safety offering detailed records of every trip and driver. It’s the best solution if you need driver tracking and customization features.

You can create your own rules for routes and users. These rules ensure that the software adapts to different conditions.

GPS Trackit

Our final pick also covers the most important features. However, its additional functionality is what sets it apart. You can track cargo temperature, FMCSA compliance, and more.

It works from desktop and mobile devices. It lets you focus on specific vehicles or display all of them on Google maps. Cargo temperature tracking is easily the best feature. It lets you track heat in different areas of the truck.




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