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Best Drone Flight Apps

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Can’t wait to fly your drone? I’m sure you are excited about it; but before you launch your quad into the air, it is important to ensure you have all the right tools for the best flying experience. Most drones have some dependency on apps to help control the device in the air for a safe flight.

Generally, your drone manufacturer will offer an app for this purpose, but there are additional apps that you can utilize for an easier and more exciting piloting session. Let us consider some of the best drone flight apps you can access. 


Airmap is a crucial tool for every drone flyer. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional drone photographer, Airmap comes with all the tools to make your work easier. This interesting app boasts advanced features such as geo-fencing, drone mapping, and flight logging. 

Even beginners who think they may not have any use for these advanced tools will see the need for the application’s location-based flight restriction data.  

Airmap further equips you with information about UAV legislation in more than 20 countries, ensuring that you don’t get into trouble with the authorities. So, if you travel often to foreign lands, you know that this will be a godsend. 

Lastly, the app can be configured to manage DJI drone flights, allowing users to map out the flight paths and control the quad from within the app. 


DJI is a major player in the drone industry; there is a high likelihood of owning one of their products if you’re a drone enthusiast. This means the DJI Go app will be an easy choice for a bigger percentage of drone users looking for a practical app. 

This will essentially help you to fly your drone, as well as to control the camera. But that’s not the only thing it can do; there are various features on offer that you’ll find useful when piloting your quad. 

For instance, you get intelligent flight modes like flight data tracking, live HD view, and video/photo sharing directly from the DJI Go app. All these serve to enhance your drone flying experience by making it more fun and interesting. 


Hate it or love it, insurance is an integral part of our daily lives. Verify is simply an app about insuring your drone. Unlike auto insurance, which involves paying a monthly premium, Verify has a certain twist to insurance; insurance on demand. 

The idea here is that your flights, especially for new commercial drones, are too few or so spread out that it gets difficult to commit the aerial vehicle to a full-time insurance cover. With Verify, you can log in your starting time and finishing time then only pay for the period the drone will be in the air. 

Thanks to this, you can fly your drone with some peace of mind knowing that in case of any curveballs, your flight is fully covered!


Litchi is another great app from DJI that you can also download as an alternative to the DJI Go app above. In fact, some users claim that it performs better than its counterpart but there is only one way to know this. 

The app offers users some pretty interesting autonomous tracking features, which will be useful for any aerial photographer or videographer. Some of these modes include Orbit Me, Panorama, Waypoints, Ground Station, Focus, and VR (Virtual Reality) mode.

These allow you to perform a bunch of cool stuff with your drone, including pre-planning your drone flight path with the help of the Mission hub on the computer. You only have to launch the drone at the starting point and it will automatically follow the pre planned route almost perfectly. 


The FAA is the organization charged with enforcing drone laws in the USA. With this app, you will have an easier and readily accessible way of knowing where and when you can fly or not. Considering how vast the US is, this is an important app for those who like to venture across state lines.

The app will provide you with detailed info about airport listings in your vicinity while displaying this in a 5-mile radius. This means that whenever you feel in doubt about flying your quad in a new neighborhood, the B4UFLY will tell whether or not you’re about to break the drone flight laws. 

Another crucial piece of information you’ll learn from the app is whether your drone surpasses the weight limit to necessitate registration with the FAA. Usually, any drone weighing at least 0.55lbs needs to be registered with the body and allocated a registration number before flying. 

Ultimately, there are many more FAA rules to get familiar with that you’ll access on this app. 




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