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Bambee- A 360 Degree HRM Platform: The Future Of Recruitment

Are you still struggling to hire and retain top talent? Bambee.com is a dedicated hiring platform that makes hiring an employees hassle-free and simple. If you’re looking for a dedicated HR manager, Bambee offers a range of features that will take some of the stress out of your business. Bambee has announced its launch of a new and innovative Human Resource Management (HRM) platform for startups and Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The platform, named Bambee HRM, is a unique solution that enables businesses to streamline their administrative functions at an affordable price. It provides small businesses with the tools needed to bring them closer to their employees, by providing real-time updates and information on employee performance. For more details please visit our website.

1. The Importance of HR Management

The role of the HR manager is to plan and execute the implementation of HR policies in the organization. HR managers have to ensure that the organization complies with the current Labour laws in the country. They also make sure that all the employees are aware of what is expected of them and their rights within the organization.

HRM’s Purpose

2. How Employers and Job Seekers Use Bambee

Employers use Bambee to find the best HR candidates. Bambee has a powerful search algorithm that allows employers to search for candidates with specific knowledge, skills, and experience. The app also allows employers to post jobs in real-time and have job seekers apply for the jobs on the spot. How Bambee is used by job seekers. Our data tells the story of the previous hundreds of applicants we’ve had through our door. We collect information for each applicant, including their job title, time spent at the firm, and the lessons learned during the hiring process. Through this knowledge, we can convey what the role entails and how the company is currently focused. Next, we share how potential candidates can apply for the position by submitting their resume, cover letter, and/or detailed job posting.

Other useful information captured during the intake interview is the current employee’s work history with the company and any notable accomplishments the applicant has seen. All of this information feeds into our Bambee cloud that holds exclusive content that only the applicant has access to. After reviewing the data, the applicant submits an application which is then reviewed by the team. The employer team approves or rejects candidates in real-time, enabling them to keep track of their application’s success along the way.

What Happens Next After a Successful Job Posting?

After final approval from the employer’s team, your application will receive an email containing their unique listing. This unique listing will be the first step in formatting for social media exposure. The listing can be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and other outlets to which the company may wish to distribute marketing efforts. With time, the presence of your company will become apparent on social media platforms and those interested in working with your company may approach you.

3. Why You Need to Hire an Employee Now and Not Later

You probably don’t need employees now, but you will need them later. If you do not hire employees now, the day will come when you will regret it. The choice is yours. Bambee is the fastest and most user-friendly dedicated HR Platform for startups and SMEs. The HRM platform is built entirely on the latest technology, making it secure, accessible, and compliant. Within a few clicks, startups and SMEs can set up an automated reporting and payment system for their employees, apply for grants, reconcile employee performance data automatically and view the status of pending employee nominations. This all takes place on the blockchain, making the platform user-friendly for both business owners and startups alike.

Bambee’s new HRM platform is composed of many special functions, each designed to make it easy for businesses to plan, implement, and manage their human resource (HR) programs. Besides providing convenient access to detailed employee information, each function also automates compliance, SME budgeting, and employee onboarding solutions. The entire platform can be configured and monitored via an AI-based dashboard. By strategically integrating blockchain functionality seamlessly into their existing HR systems, the founders provide fast and scalable solutions that go far beyond traditional payroll, human resources, payroll/accounting, and hiring functions. Other than offering solutions to employees, the HRM platform will also benefit startups in several ways. By using blockchain-based functions as part of its core functionality, Bambee’s platform gives startups access to liquidity, scalability, and cost savings that they can put to effective use. These features also help startups mitigate risks associated with operational risks and operational risk-mitigating measures.

4. How does Bambee prove to be 360 HR management software

To understand how Bambee can help you with 360 degree HR management, one needs to understand how this software works. The Bambee software has amazing features that make it a great platform for hiring dedicated HR.
  • A Dedicated HR Manager
  • A Comprehensive HR Audit
  • HR Compliant Policies
  • Employee Onboarding & Terminations
  • Expert HR Guidance
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Work Off Your Plate & Peace of Mind!

Bambee was founded with an idea that every business should have access to an affordable human resource manager and every business can run like a Fortune 500 company. Bambee platform gives you a dedicated HR manager who helps you craft HR policy, understand compliance, staffing and recruitment, understand work-life balance, people management, 360-degree employee management. It provides you full remote HR support, available to help by phone, email, or chat. You can consider them as an extension of your team. The Bambee team also helps you in the onboarding of the team, termination, and take corrective action easily and securely. From sexual harassment & non-discrimination to PTO and sick leave, we’ll help you create and implement HR policy across your business. Many workplace conflicts can be prevented with proper training and education. With over 500+ courses and training material Bambee can provide you with the tools to create a better working environment.

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