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4 Emerging Trends of Artificial Intelligence in Travel

Technology is becoming smarter every day. Gone is the time when you had to consult a travel agent, visit him physically, engage in a chain of unending bothersome phone calls to enquire about the travel arrangements. With the advent of artificial intelligence in travel, making arrangements for travel is easier than ever before. Artificial Intelligence provides automated, personalized and intelligent travel services. AI enables to learn the behavior, choices, and inclinations of the travelers and provide a personalized experience.

Given below are the ways in which Artificial Intelligence is altering the travel industry by automating the dreary planning and providing an insight into the customer’s behavior:

1. Gives Direction to Big Data

Norm Rose, President of Travel Tech Consulting opines that the sudden popularity of Artificial Intelligence in the Travel industry can be credited to the humongous amount of data being generated today. Artificial Intelligence helps analyze unstructured data, brings value in partnership with Big Data and turns it into meaningful and actionable insights. Trends, outliers and patterns are figured out using this smart data which helps in guiding a Travel company to make informed decisions. The discounts, schemes, tour packages, seasons to target and people to target are formulated using this data. Usually, surveys and social media sensing are done to know customer’s insights and behaviour.

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2. Personalised Experience

The personalized content which is delivered using AI is proactive, relevant, timely, location-sensitive and addresses the immediate need of the customer. For example- Bookings.com’s chatbots performs real-time translation and supports 43 languages; hence, diminishing the language barrier. Apart from this, it also provides a 24/7 customer service for travel-related queries to its customers. Hilton, a well-known brand in Hotels and Resorts Worldwide has created a Watson-enabled robot concierge which works along the staff of the hotel to assist the visitors, greets them, suggests local tourist attractions, answers about the services the hotel provides, consequently enhancing in-destination experience.

3. Bleisure for Business Travellers

Mezi, using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing provides a personalized experience to Business travellers who usually are strapped for time. It talks about bringing on a concept of bleisure(business+leisure) to address the needs of the workforce. A research done by the states that 84% of business travellers return feeling frustrated, burnt out and unmotivated. The kind of tedious and monotonous planning that goes into the travel booking could be the reason for it. With AI and NLP, Mezi collects preferences and generates suggestions so that a customized and streamlined experience is given and the issues faced by them are addressed properly.

4. Increases Productivity

Recently, Aeromexico started using Facebook Messenger chatbot to answer the very generic questions by the customers. The main idea was to cater to 80% of questions which are usually the repeated ones and about common topics. Thus, to avoid a repetitive process, artificial intelligence is of great application. Airlines hugely benefit from this. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines uses artificial intelligence to respond to the queries of customers on Twitter and Facebook. It uses an algorithm from a company called Digital Genius which is trained on 60,000 questions and answers. Not only this, Deutsche Lufthansa’s bot Mildred can help in searching the cheapest fares.


Do you know that according to a survey by Tata Consultancy Services, 85% of travel and hospitality professionals are using Artificial Intelligence within their business? With the pace of Artificial Intelligence in the Travel Industry is growing, the day won’t be very far when check-ins in airports will be totally automated and travellers won’t have to wait in long queues. It saves time, delivers smart content which is contextually pertinent, enhances travel experience and makes dull tasks interesting.

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