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Artificial Intelligence: Effects On Modern Marketing

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Artificial intelligence is less of a science fiction trope and more of a feature of our time. The thing that we considered fantastic and hardly possible is becoming an intrinsic part of our lives. Our smartphones can listen to our voices and understand our needs. We have self-operated vacuum cleaners and drones. 

Moreover, AI is changing the automotive world, enabling cars to drive autonomously! And it is just a beginning. 

Effects of AI are everywhere. Not only are our machines and tools getting better at accomplishing their tasks, but AI also transforms the internet. Search algorithms, cybersecurity, bots – the internet is turning into a self-sufficient digital environment now. 

What does it mean for online entrepreneurs and money-makers? How does AI shape modern marketing? Let’s find out.

Marketing Efficiency

The truth is simple: AI makes marketing more efficient. AI can solve problems, gather information, and learn from its mistakes, becoming more useful as time goes on. 

To give a summary – here are some things that AI can help with:

  • Advertisement. AI can effortlessly make personal ads and product recommendations for all your customers through algorithms. Imagine how much time a person would need to do the same.
  • Competition. AI can analyze the current situation on the market and your opponents’ actions, providing you with valuable insights and ideas on what to do next. 
  • Improvement. It is easier to track your achievements and failures with AI. Learn from your mistakes and be better next time.
  • Customers. Discover new potential customers with interest in your products. Find out what your customers want. Make your customers satisfied.
  • Faster and better. Computers were made to facilitate calculations. As they are getting more advanced, you can have all sorts of things done. It is all about facilitation. AI can simplify the process of achieving your goals. 

High-Quality Analytics

Getting into specifics of marketing efficiency with AI, we should look at the primary function of computers – they are great at collecting and parsing through large portions of data. Well, guess what? We – people – are data. While our decisions might seem irrational sometimes, some triggers cause our decision-making. It means that our actions can be predicted. Would it not be handy to know what your customers are going to do? 

AI can analyze the history of customers’ decisions, determining their preferences, establishing their motives and what triggered them. Knowing about that, companies can come up with better marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. This way, the relationship between companies and customers will become more personal. It is not about selling everything to everyone, relying on luck and persistence to get things right. Instead, companies will calculate and gauge their target customers sending personal offers to them, to which they will not say ‘no.’

But it is not only about predicting – companies can discover mistakes and miscalculations of their previous operations. Maybe, their automated email sent messages to the wrong people. Or their website had technical problems. Computers can quickly find the weak spots of our plans – and we can make better ones.

AI can provide you with the information, knowledge, and tools to use the acquired data. And since AI can learn and evolve, it will become more efficient at helping us.  

 Customer Service

Chatbots are increasingly popular, and it is obvious why. 

  • They provide services 24/7, answering questions and solving problems that otherwise would require a task force of operators to handle it. It saves a lot of time and effort for companies. 
  • They are cheap. You do not have to pay chatbots for their help. 

Of course, the chatbots of today cannot manage all the possible needs of customers. A tete-a-tete conversation with them can be a challenge because of their limited speaking narratives. Still, it is a huge step forward to the high-quality customer service of the future. Again, it is about facilitation. With AI, we can make the process of communication between customers and companies more effective.

Augmented And Virtual Reality

There is a problematic drawback of shopping on the web: one cannot interact with objects there. Is that dress of your size? Will that table suit your kitchen design? There was no way but to guess. Well, AR and VR will change that.

One can hardly imagine all of the uncharted possibilities that AR/VR can grant. Virtual mirrors and assistants to check one’s style, interactive online shops where one can play with colors, shapes, and sizes of the items, perfumeries where one can smell its products… It is something straight out of the fiction, and, yes, it is not going to happen overnight. But slowly, different marketplaces and e-commerce websites will become part of AR and VR trends. Meanwhile, more and more crazy ideas will get real with the advancement of innovations.

Content Creation

AI can help you with the process of content creation. It can provide you with insights into why something works and something does not. For that, AI will analyze your work, feedbacks, generated traffic, comparing it to other creators, and assist you with improving your content. There is a whole term for that type of AI – content intelligence. To make your content sell, you need more than good material – you have to reach your audience, keep their attention, win them over with high-quality stuff, and make them want to come back. You can manage all of it on your own, or you can use AI. 

  • It can help with SEO, finding proper keywords for you to be noticed by search algorithms. Things are complicated with the advance of voice search. It is increasingly popular to use Ciri, Alexa, or Cortana. People tend to speak differently from how they write. AI will be able to solve these complications and find the right keywords.  
  • It can conduct A/B testing for better performance.
  • It can provide you with ideas for your material.
  • AI can help you choose the right design, hashtags, time to publish, and give many other tidbits of advice that will boost your success rate. 
  • AI can help you increase your traffic through backlinking (if you need all that help now and do not have time for the experiments with AI – choose a relevant guest post service as your way out).


The development of AI is inevitable – our future will heavily involve AI and its possibilities. So, it is better to acquaint with some of them now. The earlier you get along with modern technologies, the easier your transition to tomorrow will be. 

If you want to be up to speed on the current trends, know more about SEO and content marketing, you should check our blog.




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