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Apps Are the New Websites for The 2020s

One of the most recent studies on internet usage found that 50% of users access the internet via their mobile devices, and that number is continuously growing. While websites are still important in serving as a portal to businesses, they’re falling short of the mobile applications that are flooding the market. Here are a few reasons apps are becoming as important today as websites were a decade ago.

A Mobile App is a Virtual Billboard

An app can be compared to a billboard in that a billboard is always present and seen by consumers regardless of the time of day. In the same way, creating an app for your business via a high-quality app maker allows you to maximize your brand’s exposure. Consumers who download your app onto their phones will have an ever present reminder to use your business or products. As they scroll through their phone’s applications, the icon for your app will subconsciously tempt them to order your products. The convenience the app provides will further entice them to open the app and use its services.

Apps Provide Customized Service

One of the things consumers look for in their favorite brands is personalized service. When they can customize their experience to meet their own personal tastes, your customers will feel valued as a customer. They can also use those customization options to help them tweak their enjoyment of your products and services. This is where a professionally designed app comes into play. Your app can help users personalize their experience by setting their gender, age, or interests for a better experience. A more interactive app will ensure your customers are more satisfied with your brand.

Reduce Churn With Push Notifications

While email marketing is still useful, it’s nowhere near as efficient as app notifications in reaching past and current consumers. In fact, notifications can engage anyone who has your app installed on their phone. Notifications can be used to ask a customer to rate their recent experience, giving you a chance to improve upon negative experiences. Additionally, app notifications can be used to make consumers aware of new products, sales, or other promotional offers. Since many commercial events are time-sensitive, reaching customers with a push notification can give them the advance notice they need to take advantage of the deals your business offers.

Apps Are More Useful

A website fails in tying in other programs on a desktop or laptop computer to provide the ultimate user experience. However, a mobile app grants permissions to utilize other applications with just a single click of your thumb. Once permission has been granted, an app can access the phone of the user to enhance the convenience for the user. The GPS service can help the user find the nearest location of your business, or the phone’s camera can be used to send a discount coupon along with the customer’s order. Through the use of multiple services on the customer’s phone, placing an order can be considerably easier and faster.

Provide a Better User Experience

Even a website that’s optimized for mobile viewing is limited by the features of the web browser upon which it’s viewed. This can complicate things when a user wants to go back to a previous page or edit an order. Conversely, a mobile app can be made much easier to use, providing menus that allow users to navigate to different parts of the app with ease. Even when placing an order, they can save their progress or simply repeat a past order that they want to submit again. Depending on how well your business’ app is organized, your customers can spend half the time interacting with your business in an app when compared to the time it would take to engage in the same activity on a full website. When the app makes it easier to interact with your business, your customers are more likely to continue using it for their future needs.

While you should still maintain a mobile-friendly website for your business, you should also have an app created for your business. The benefits of having an app are countless and will increase in the coming year. If your business doesn’t have an app, you’ll risk losing your customers to a competitor who does use an app.




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