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8 Things to Consider When Designing and Developing a Website

A lot goes into creating a user-friendly website. From graphic designs to content development, a functional website needs a lot of work. For the most part, designing and developing a website is dependent on understanding your audience. By knowing what your visitors are looking for, you can create a website that attracts, retains, and converts the right audience. 

This article aims to cover the eight things you should consider when developing and designing a website that converts.

  1. Your Target Audience

The first step to creating a converting website is to understand your target audience. Your target audience could be the primary visitors interested in what you do. It could also be secondary parties who have an indirect or direct connection to your primary visitors.

Normally, you have this specific group of people for whom you are creating the website. But in the same list, you have other prospects interested in your website

For example, when creating a website for online classes, you’d mostly target the students. But apart from the students, some teachers would be interested in visiting the site as well. While the teachers may not have been your major focus, their presence holds great significance on your website

That’s why when developing a website, it’s essential to consider every visitor who is likely to open your page. Consider the location, demographic, and interest of every audience. Ultimately, design a website that addresses the interests of every significant audience you receive.

  1. A Master Plan

A plan gives direction to your goals. A plan will set into motion the ideas and processes of website development. 

To increase the efficiency of the planning stage, create a sitemap. A sitemap will indicate the start and endpoint of your website design process.

Remember that a sitemap is a visual representation of how every page links back to the homepage. It’s also a demonstration of how users can move between pages interlinked with each other. 

As you plan, remember to keep in mind the size of your website. Big websites will require detailed site maps that help users navigate freely from page to page. This means that your planning process will also be a way of strengthening the navigation capabilities of your website.

  1. The Graphic Elements

Every image, video, or audio plays a big role in your conversion rates. The colors, fonts, and layouts greatly impact how long a client stays on your site. If you want a visitor to spend more time looking through your content, include appealing graphic elements.

Your images should be clean and impressive enough to attract visitors. The videos and audio should be clear and straightforward for your users. Additionally, give your website an appealing look by including colors and fonts that represent you and your activities.

Even when working with a website design company, communicate your expectations. You could also have a brainstorming session to discuss what would work best for your target audiences. It would surprise you how selecting the best website design services could impact the appearance of your website.

The benefits of working with experts is that they already have an idea of what works. They also have a team of professionals ready to work around the clock for the success of the website. Additionally, the company’s A/B testing techniques will ensure that the end design has the best graphic elements for better conversions. 

  1. A Branding Guideline

When visiting the websites of top brands, it’s easy to note how consistent their style is. The logos, color scheme, and content are all designed to represent the work they do. Take, for instance, the Coca-Cola company. The design and style are well-set to match the personality of the brand.

One consideration when branding is that it needs to be well thought out. It should also be consistent, so the company is recognizable at first glance. Branding should stand out, and that’s why an understanding of the competition is also important. 

When choosing your branding elements, aim to make each aspect unique and recognizable. The aspects should also match with every other element on your page.

A point to keep in mind is to choose a branding element that aligns with your goals. Branding is your identity, and it should reflect your short and long-term objectives. 

  1. The Right Content

Good content supports communication between the website owner and page visitors. Content is like a sitemap that directs users to the different pages on your website. When designing and developing a website, it would help if your content stands out. Your unique content should be simple to understand but detailed enough to deliver your message.

The reason you need to focus on good content is that great content sells. With 75% of visitors judging a company’s credibility based on the website, including good content is essential. Also, beautiful content attracts visitors and keeps them on the website long enough to interact with your products and services. 

The good thing is that the internet offers various examples of content that supports web design. By looking at pages that appear on top of SERP(Search Engine Results Page), you can tell what content style is most preferred by page visitors. 

Normally, it would help to use content templates. Using content templates creates consistency in your website. The best website content templates factor colors, style, and imagery that engage an audience. Most importantly, templates provide a text-to-image balance that ensures your layout is attractive. A good layout eventually improves the accessibility of your website.  

  1. The Call-to-Action

The purpose of a website cannot be measured unless a visitor takes action. Whether it is reading your previous blogs or buying one of your products, a website’s success is determined by the actions.

But for website visitors to take action, they need a little nudge. They need CTAs placed in strategic positions. That’s why it’s recommended to have CTAs on every page to boost engagements. 

Additionally, your CTAs should lead to the right pages. Wrong links or unclear CTAs are one of the top reasons that most websites don’t perform well. If you have worked with a web design company before, you’d understand the emphasis placed on CTAs. The best website design services create a cohesive union among all the design elements to ensure the best results with your CTAs.

  1. The Speed

A report by Unbounce indicates that 70% of consumers use page speed to determine their willingness to purchase online. This means that for every 100 visitors on your website, 70 would be turned off if your pages load slowly.

A good consideration when developing and designing websites is to use tools that boost your speeds. Tools that support image compression and web caching should be a top consideration when developing a website. 

  1. Mobile Responsiveness

There are as many people accessing websites through mobile phones as they would on computers. A report by Statista shows that approximately 55% of people accessed the internet through mobile phones in 2020. And if you want to make sure that every user reaching your website can access the content, consider mobile responsiveness.

When considering mobile phone users, it’s essential to include fonts and images that anyone can read on all devices. Also, including a drop-down navigation tab to enable shifting between pages is necessary. A website with easy navigation tabs on all websites is known to have higher conversion rates than those only accessible on specific screens. 

Wrapping It Up

The ease of accessibility, usability, and functionality of your website determines the conversion rates. A website that is appealing and fast has better chances of attracting the right audience. Every aspect that you should consider when designing and developing a website will ultimately affect your results.   




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