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8 Rules of Good Design to Follow On Every Website

When creating your website, it is important to put your best foot forward. This will help you to really impress the customer and can make sure that you can get them to stay on the page, find the information they need, and even make a purchase.

Many companies know how important it is to design a great website, but getting that design down well, without making it difficult to read or use, is the biggest challenge. Creating a good website can make or break your business, but how do you get it done?

When you are ready to create a great website, you need to pick the right design and do it right the first time. Some of the rules of good design that you should follow on every website include:

1. Keep the Website Simple

When you design your own website, you need to keep things simple. Sometimes it is tempting to shove a bunch of different components into the website to make it look neat. This will make using the website complicated and can even slow down how quickly it loads.

Both of these will make your customer frustrated. It is better to keep things simple. Your visitors do not want to scroll through a lot of complicated and cluttered interfaces to find what they need.

Instead, keep the pages as simple as possible. Go for ease of use rather than the big graphics and complicated add-ons. Put the information in that is necessary, but do not add a lot of extras.

2. Make the Navigation Easy

Visitors to your website do not want to guess how to get around the page or search for long to find what they need. Navigation on your website needs to be as easy as possible.

Make sure that the pages and all sections are well-organized. The top-down design is one of the best options. This makes it easier for the visitor to browse through the different areas of the site.

3. Choose the Right Colors

The colors that you choose for your website will help to make the colors so much better. When choosing the colors, try to pick a few colors, rather than the whole rainbow. And make sure that those colors do not clash with each other as well. But keep the colors to limited ones that will showcase the information that you want.

Another thing to consider is the text. Make sure that your visitors are able to read in the background. There are other options besides a white background and black words. But make sure to really pick contrasting good colors that will not make reading difficult.

4. Make Sure It Works on Different Devices

Electronics Mobile Phone Screen – Free photo on Pixabay

Your website visitors are not going to come to you from one location. Some will come from a smartphone and others from a laptop. Some will use Internet Explorer while others will use Safari.

You must make sure that you test the website on several browsers and devices to make sure that it works better. More than half of your visitors will reach you through smartphones so having a responsive website that works on smartphones is important too.

5. Be Consistent

As you go through and create the different pages of your website, it is important to be consistent with each page. You do not want to have something different on each page. This makes the website look bad and can drive customers away.

Each page of the website needs to look like they belong there. There needs to be some consistency between each page, whether it is the font used, the background, the heading, or something else.

You never want your visitors to feel like they are on a new website each time that they move to a new section on the website. A consistent layout and design will provide a natural experience that will look great and can make the website seem more professional.

6. Create Great Content

Desktop Tidy Clean – Free photo on Pixabay

It is also important to create good content on your website. You can make one of the best websites around, but if you do not provide good content on it, then the website is just a shell. Your customers come to your website for a reason. Provide them with something valuable.

The best websites out there have both great content and great design. This is what helps the customer find what they need, make purchases, and not get frustrated in the process. Make sure that all the pages on your website have original content that will make them worth visiting.

7. Make a Good First Impression

No matter what you do on the website, you need to make a good impression. Just like you do when meeting someone the first time, your website needs to make a statement. It may be the first and only time a customer comes in contact with you.

This means that your website needs to make a good impression, one that will get it noticed by the customer. The overall feel and the look of the site is one of the first things that your visitor is going to notice. Design them to make a good first impression.

8. Choosing a Web Design Company to Design the Perfect Website

Another great option that will help make sure that your website looks amazing each time is to hire a web design agency. These professionals know exactly what works for a website and can help design one that is perfect for your needs.

While it is possible to design your own website, a web design company can be a second pair of eyes that will look over the website and make sure it has all the elements that you need to attract some of the best customers possible.

Designing the Perfect Website


Designing a great website is critical to showing the best of your business and to make sure your customers will stick around and get the information they need. Try using some of the rules above to create the perfect website for your business.




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