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7 Ways to Embrace Blockchain for Business Transformation

Blockchain and bitcoin have remained hot topics throughout the year. The people’s desire to unleash the potential of blockchain has hyped the popularity to a very extent. From investors to organizations, everyone is interested in adopting this developing technology to enhance the interoperability of businesses. Blockchain has the capability to change the future workflow of businesses. 

A wise businessman and a long visionary investor can only understand the untapped power of blockchain to rule the world. But some people are still in dilemma and think of blockchain and bitcoin as a synonym of each other. Understanding the blockchain terminology is important to streamline your business into a world of artificial intelligence. Moving ahead with high technology is essential to hold on to the competitive edge and gain on success momentum.

Many countries are adopting blockchain technology to improve the security and working of their business. India is among the few countries where there is a significant surge in the adoption of this technology in recent years. Apart from blockchain technology, the people in the region have started investing in bitcoin vigorously. It is surprising to see such a spike in stats of the country. However, you can also convert bitcoin to naira, and other currencies as well.

7 Ways to Embrace Blockchain for Business Transformation

There are underlying challenges that traditional businesses are facing. The immense potential of blockchain technology has the power to resolve these issues and skyrocket your business. Large business organizations across the world are embracing this technology due to several reasons.

Some of the few ways blockchain has embraced the blockchain technology-

Payroll Solution

Blockchain was innovated with the motive of handling monetary transactions. Therefore, the blockchain plays a key role in payroll management. Many software is made for payroll management but there is certainly no match between this software and the constantly growing blockchain technology. It makes the process streamline with a distributed ledger to facilitate the real time verification of all the payments, eliminating the requirements of any intermediaries and hence speeding up the process. It helps in smarter and swifter payments. One of the unique features is that it possesses the lowest transaction fees when compared to any other financial institution. The blockchain decentralizes the payment process. So no one has the authority to modify, change, or control the transactions. However, the later developments incorporate a wide spectrum of technologies to work on other areas too. Business Softwares are widely used as a Payroll solution which saves organizations a lot of money and resources. 

Smart Contracts

Basically, the smart contracts are code structures stored on blocks of the chain to automatically move once the predetermined terms and conditions are met. These are very common in business collaborations where they enforce few agreements. The contract further moves on if the agreements are done. This has eliminated the need for a third party or any intermediaries. The working of these smart contracts is very complex and it is the reason it cannot be breached and retains the trust of people. With smart contracts, people save on huge operational costs spent on intermediaries. Many organizations are adopting these smart contracts for better operability between the clients.

Customer engagements

The integration of blockchain technologies in the customer engagement process has opened many lucrative opportunities. The use of blockchain fosters transparency in business. The concept of the open ledger and the associated implications in CRM has improved customer engagements. The adoption of blockchain technology aids the user to take control of their personal information in an organization in their own hand. There are growing complaints regarding the unauthorized use of the information of the users. However, the adoption of blockchain technology in the business eliminates such malicious activities and makes the users have more confidence in your business. Thus such emerging scenarios are anticipated to boost the growth of business significantly without much marketing and campaign. This also helps you to save on the huge money spent on protecting the user’s information and marketing activities to improve customer engagements.

Accounting Process

Blockchain technology improves the accounting process. The concern of the transfer of assets with ownership and to maintain accounting ledger with accurate and precise financial information requires blockchain technology. The technology has helped the accountants to have a clear picture of available sources and obligations in the business enterprise to improve the efficiency of the organizations. The technology also reduces the maintenance and reconciling costs of ledgers. Moreover, it facilitates the automation features also that help in passing the real economic interpretations and valuations. Accounts can be cleared in any global currencies and local currencies. There are many platforms to successfully trade in exchanges, one such P2P platform is Vertex Market. The blockchain also follows three stages of accounting in the business, collecting, processing and reporting. Regardless of the industry size the business will follow these three steps.


This is one of the major issues evolving in recent years. There is an increasing cybercrime across the world. The security breach is the major concern of the people of the globe. Blockchain technology helps in overcoming and voiding cybercrimes and enhances the security of your organizations. The daily business transactions that took place are secured while using blockchain technology in Cybersecurity. Organizations are buying crypto-assets for their secure transactions. Even in the developing countries organizations know how to buy Ethereum in Nigeria and trading assets for the organization. 

Data Backup

These are something that blockchain is made for. These complexities in the blockchain working help people to confidently store the data in the system. One block is connected to another block, and then to another, thus forming a chain known as the blockchain. This chain is difficult to breach because of the long chain of blocks and that too without the stamping of any information. 

Hiring Process

Blockchain technology helps in the hiring process by saving time and money spent on the recruitment process. The automation incorporated by blockchain technology helps to find a perfect candidate for your organization. It helps in candidate screening, social profile mirroring, and credit evaluations.




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