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6 Signs Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working

Social media has presented a platform for people to interact globally and businesses to connect with their clients and prospects. With millions of users worldwide, it’s easy for businesses and companies to meet with clients, connect with them, and sell products to them. Social media has resulted in a global marketplace where buyers and customers can interact regardless of where they are, as long as they’re connected to the internet This has led to developing a social media marketing strategy, a technique where businesses design a marketing campaign that aims to get customers from social media platforms. The strategy encompasses paid adverts, promotional campaigns, affiliate marketing, influencers, and referrals. Businesses can choose to design the social media strategy themselves or contract advertising agencies such as Caffeine Marketing and many others. This is aimed at increasing the success of a social media strategy. 

Signs That Your Social Media Marketing Needs A Shake-Up

Due to the number of social media users, it may be assumed that success is guaranteed. However, some challenges may affect your strategy, and cause failure. Here are some of the signs that your social media strategy isn’t working: 
  • Low Engagements 

Engagements such as comments, likes, shares, and other reactions mean that your ad reaches the targeted audience, and they see it. If the number of engagements is high on every post you make, it’s a good indication that people like your products and your strategy is interesting to them. That’s the first sign of a successful social media marketing strategy.  However, engagements on your business posts on social media platforms may be very low. For example, if TikTok is your platform of choice, there are a few things you can do to increase engagement. Namely, you should try some of the TikTok promotion sites reviewed by Earthweb – all of them can help you grow organically. Once you notice low engagements on different posts over time, you should act fast and change your strategy. You can start segmenting your target audience once again and then gain better insights into what type of adverts to send to each segment. 
  • Low Conversions 

High engagements on your social media sites can often be confused with more clients. However, people can still react to your posts and fail to buy your products. One of the causes is that there could be no clear call of action that drives visitors into purchasing your products. Another reason could be that your social media campaign doesn’t provide enough information for visitors. Therefore, visitors may fail to purchase your products as they’re unsure if it’s what they need.  Of course, the conversions won’t be 100% versus the number of visitors. However, a certain percentage of visitors should be able to buy your products. If very few visitors are turning to buyers, then you should change your strategy. You can conduct a survey and get feedback, or read comments. Remember, customers can express their frustrations through comments. You can then design a marketing strategy that will turn more visitors to buyers. 
  • Failure To Reach Targets 

Every marketing campaign has a target to achieve after a specific period. The same also applies when using social media to run these campaigns. Over a period, say three months, a business should aim to have a certain number of visitors from these platforms, and get a certain number of conversions.  If the target isn’t met after that period, you can decide to improve on some features. However, if this doesn’t work even after extending the time frame, that’s a warning sign. Therefore, you need to consider revamping your strategy and starting a new one. 
  • Low ROI (Return On Investment)

Having social media strategies means you’ve invested in those channels to ensure that you get a good return from them in terms of conversions. Suppose it’s hard to figure out the return on investment from those social media strategies. You can compare the returns from these campaigns with the return from other marketing strategies that you’ve invested the same amount of money in.  If the return from your social media campaigns keeps falling short of the target set or other marketing strategies, then that should be a warning sign. It shows that you’ve been investing in the wrong campaign. You either need to change and channel it to a place with higher returns, or change your strategies completely. 
  • Negative Customer Feedback 

One advantage of social media is that you can connect with clients more interactively and directly. These platforms always allow customers to comment under your post. They can leave feedback about your business and strategies. Positive feedback is a clear indication that your business is doing well, and more people is buying from you.  However, negative feedback could be harmful to your business. But, instead of dwelling on the negative side, you should take this type of feedback as a learning point about what you’re doing wrong. The complaints could be about your business website not loading fast enough, your products not meeting expectations, or your advertisements lacking clarity and call-to-action buttons. Consistency in negative feedback will indicate that your strategy is wrong, and it’s time to change.
  • High Bounce-Off Rates 

When people see your ads on social media, they should be tempted to click on them. It could be a poster, an image, video, or a link to your business. In cases of links, you’d want your customers to spend as much time on your website as possible. This will allow them to interact with your products, and hopefully, buy them. However, people may bounce off your website or video immediately, which could be a problem. Chances are, what they found on the website or video, isn’t what was displayed on the ad. If people keep bouncing off, you should change your display message to match the target website. 


Even though social media provides businesses with a broader market and a chance to interact with clients and prospects, you may not benefit from it. This is if you don’t lay your strategies right. If you’re using it to market, outreach, or interact with clients, you must see some positive returns from it.  However, if the strategies aren’t right, you’ll not get the best out of the game plan. The warning signs are there, and it’s for you to identify them early enough and change them. 



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