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6 Helpful Websites Every Student Should Know About

Modern students can’t imagine their everyday life without the Internet. Socializing with friends, watching funny videos, reading blogs – all these entertaining activities are available to everyone. The Web is also life-saving when it comes to solving important issues and providing access to student platforms. Life gets easier when students can find all the necessary information online.

Students often look for helpful platforms to learn a foreign language or expand their knowledge on a particular subject. Others need to get tips to improve their marks. However, it’s difficult to navigate the Web and not get lost among millions of websites. This article highlights six useful resources for students. 

Online Education Platform

When students want to explore a specific area at a deep level, Khan Academy is the best option. It is a platform for individual learning. Khan Academy offers students practical exercises and instructional videos. Students learn new material at their own pace. There are courses in maths, biology, physics, programming, as well as art history, economics, and many others. 

Khan Academy is well-known for a proven technology of individual adaptation. It identifies both the strengths and weaknesses of each student. The platform receives educational materials from its partners. It collaborates with NASA, the Museum of Modern Art, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Academy aims to provide free education to everyone, anywhere in the world. So, the subscription is absolutely free of charge. Attending lectures from a Harvard University professor remotely and becoming a virtual student at Stanford is possible nowadays. Lectures last from 5 to 15 minutes. The video sequence is built on a “simple to complex” principle.

Each video lesson is devoted to one specific problem. Interactive lectures are designed in such a way that the material covered is regularly repeated. The knowledge gained makes it easier to write an outstanding essay. When the work is finished, students have to correct mistakes in the paper writer and improve their style.

Young people tend to struggle with following the essay structure or meeting the requirements. When students need some professional assistance, they turn to help to boost their GPA. After proofread my paper, students are sure their papers are free of spelling mistakes, unnoticed typos, or plagiarism. Experts also give tips on formulating a perfect thesis statement or creating briefs.

Fun Games for Cognitive Skills

Those who want to train their memory, but are tired of the traditional approach, can use Lumosity. It is an online program with games that help develop attention, cognitive flexibility, and problem-solving.

Lumosity presents a set of flash games that are important for cognitive functions. After registration, users choose the skills that they want to develop in the first place. 

After that, a personal training program is formed. You can also choose varying difficulty levels and categories. This allows you to set a convenient pace, gradually improving your performance. 

The main idea of ​​the project is to involve the user in the daily learning process throughout the game. Daily training is preferable since systematic training allows you to achieve the most positive results.

How-To Instructions for Everyone

Sometimes students need a good piece of advice, but they can’t reach their friends, parents, or counselors. In this case, a website with recommendations can improve the situation. Wikihow is the collaborative effort of thousands of people and is a great student platform. All of them create the most useful step-by-step guide in the world.

Just like Wikipedia, WikiHow is part of the wiki community, and anyone can write or edit a page on the site. The purpose of the site is to provide practical instructions for everyone in the world to learn how to do anything. 

Most of the how-to articles follow a similar format with steps, tips, warnings, a checklist of things you might need. There are lots of topics that students might find interesting:

  • how to fill your dorm room with what you need;
  • how to manage college life;
  • how to become more assertive during your college years;
  • how to help a homesick college freshman.

The content includes great pictures that make reading more fun. Future writers can publish their articles on WikiHow in case they love sharing useful tips or enjoy helping people.

source: https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/the-student-life-royalty-free-image/862661268

Master a New Language

Duolingo is the world’s most popular language-learning platform and the most often downloaded educational app. The company’s mission is to make the learning process fun, accessible, and free for everyone. 

The platform is designed to be playful. At the same time, its effectiveness is scientifically proved. Students earn points for correct answers, solve problems, and increase their level. 

Lessons adapt to your learning style. The exercises are designed to help you broaden your vocabulary as effectively as possible. Students immediately see which tasks were completed correctly. If something goes wrong, the platform shows how to improve the results. The awards are motivating – there is even a virtual currency.

Informative Videos

TED isn’t a typical academic platform. TED conferences are held in different cities around the world. Talented people speak about one topic. The topics are different: business, innovation, technology, science, health, etc. 

TED expands your horizons. The mission of the project is to spread unique and important ideas.

The list of speakers included many famous personalities like presidents, Nobel Prize winners, and prominent researchers. 

What benefits does a TED conference give? It helps to get a lot of ideas on topics that are interesting to you. Moreover, it improves the motivation to develop one’s personal and professional potential.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays there are unique opportunities for everyone. In the digital era, websites and platforms help students to be productive and focused on their favorite fields. Useful services are important not only for studying but also for solving everyday issues. 

Such platforms are essential to adapt to the curriculum and college life in general. With the development of distance learning, educators from all over the world have made tremendous efforts to find effective ways to provide information. 

Everyone explores the world in a way that suits their abilities and goals. Some choose short video lessons, games, tests, or motivational speeches of famous people. Thanks to modern technologies, learning can be fun, interactive, and entertaining.




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