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6 Best Features of an Interactive Whiteboards

What's an Interactive Whiteboard, and What Does It Do? | Vibe

Interactive Whiteboards or smartboards have been touted as the next generation tech by tech gurus. It has taken the corporate and education sector by storm. They are becoming the apple of every eye as it allows people to communicate and access information like never before.  Educators have been radically influenced by the Interactive Whiteboards, especially among developed nations like the United States and the UK.
They come in different varieties and features. So, the task of choosing the correct smartboard becomes rather daunting. Manufacturers design the controls as per the prevalent specifications they could accommodate technically while keeping the cost in check. For instance, Google Jamboard can only support Hangouts for online meetings, thus excluding other platforms. Therefore, it may have a Zoom troubleshooting problem.
In this article, users can find the checklist to help them choose the right interactive smartboard. 

1. Screen Recording

This particular feature is best suited for institutions and platforms involved in some kind of training or teaching. Interactive Whiteboards with that technology can help the teachers or students access the session at a later date to jot down the notes or revise, or even watch it in case they missed the class. When teachers maintain notes and lesson plans now and keep the tab on what was taught, they feel overburdened. IWB can do that for them so that they can focus on the subject matter. 

2. Teaching on the Cloud

It is a must-have ability on your ICB. This enables students and teachers to access the class lecture or notes from a remote device whenever and wherever they want. The process must be as simple as sharing a URL for downloading, viewing, or editing the session. If you worry about developing a holistic teaching method, this is what you are looking for. 

3. Supportive of different platforms

Institutions should keep an inclusive view while selecting their smartboard. They can be accessed remotely with a device. Those devices may have an iOS or Android. Your Interactive Whiteboards should be able to support as many devices as it can, at least the major players. 
Troubleshooting while using a platform or software not analogous to the manufacturers can escalate trouble for you than solving it. If your device is not supporting a platform instead of claiming the support, there may be a latent defect. For example, people using Zoom meetings face problems with screen sharing. You may want to visit the Zoom settings and check the box that says, “share the whiteboard.”  

4. Features to display complex ideas

The smartboard shall have the ability to read special symbols used in different disciplines like physics, chemistry, linguistics, statistics, mathematics, English, etc. it should be able to identify complex equations and formulas rather than showing error or gibberish at the display. 
If your Interactive Whiteboards doesn’t have this feature, it is good for nothing. Suppose we want the students to learn comparative analysis through graphs. The smartboard shall be able to comprehend that, display the diagram as it is, and annotate it. If not, the purpose of installing a smartboard gets defeated. 

5. Multiple-finger touch recognition and access

Smartboards have the technology to identify a multi-touch function for shaping creativity naturally and without hurdles to make the class more engaging and interactive. It increases the ease of access as children are often reluctant to use something complex. 
You can either write through a stylus or your finger. For erasing, the palm can be used. It is as simple as that. Teachers can draw, drag, rotate, select, and enlarge the display for a seamless experience. They can change the colour of the pen by double-clicking the screen. 

6. Voice Control and Speech Recognition

Let us talk about televisions here. Many brands flaunt their product to have all the smart features. To the users’ dismay, they don’t turn out as they should. The voice control doesn’t work or clearly identify the speaker. They support the only handful of applications on the app store. After some time, they even lose the ability to cast the screen of your smartphone
 The Interactive Whiteboards should be able to identify speech clearly and perform actions like taking dictations. Their technology should be based on machine learning like Alexa and Siri. If it can do basic things such as draw shapes, open applications, move forward or go back, search the internet and display relevant results, etc., it would do. 
Any intelligent panel minus these basic functionalities are like having a big screen kindle that can just let you read or write. Moreover, if the brand is flaunting all the features at a price that is too good to be true, you might want to take the Interactive Whiteboards for a test drive. 




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