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5 ways Artificial Intelligence is accelerating mobile app technology

AI and mobile apps

Smartphones have become an inseparable and vital part of our lives. Be it in terms of images, design, performance, features, quality and lots more, all of the specifications are covered in a single device. Mobile technology is getting advanced with the impeccable inventions by scientists and technology pundits. Thanks to them. They make use of advanced technical methods like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain and similar to them. But when we take into consideration the Artificial Intelligence concept, it plays a major role in the overall design and development of mobile features. 

It is undeniable to say that Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of the smartphone and its development. Mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Huawei and lots more are utilizing as well as leveraging Artificial Intelligence into the development of their smartphone models. They use the AI concept in the camera segment. 

The future is now and some of the previously advanced technologies like silicon chip, mobile technology and more have given a new way to new technologies like quantum, machine learning or computing. Artificial Intelligence has changed the face of the technology world. It is about to enhance everything from a toothbrush, television to the car and other vehicles. AI is a prominent term used extensively to define the machine’s ability to use human intelligence. AI is used more and more nowadays and in every industry. It also includes using the same in mobile app technology. Earlier, the smartphone models were internet-dependent as well as cloud-based. Now, AI is genuinely used for enhancing quality and performance. Let us now discuss how AI is changing and enhancing mobile application development and technology. 

Artificial Intelligence is the catalyst in the mobile application and development. As per the research and reports made in the year, 2016 Artificial Intelligence was tremendously expanded and it brought almost the investment of approximately $39 billion and this amount was almost three times more than previous years. Since then Artificial Intelligence is continuously making changes in mobile development and technology. Moreover, AI is empowering mobile applications and making it’s performance-driven. It is also empowering smartphones by installing intelligent pieces of software. This software can predict decision making as well as user behavior. Moreover, AI allows mobile applications to make learning from the data generated by all users. 

Mobile developers are adopting different innovations in the development of mobile phones. There are more than 5 million applications in all the app stores. These app stores help in showing how AI can personalize app user experiences and also adopts to various circumstances because of automated learning capabilities. So, now we will see five specific benefits of Artificial Intelligence on mobile apps. 

Business Advancements

Businesses and corporates are gradually expanding and growing in every term. In terms of the latest strategies, businesses have evolved. They have leveraged full advantages of AI. Useful algorithms and machine learning have enhanced app development and integrations. So, mobile development works well with Artificial Intelligence software development and mobile application development. Businesses can empower the features and functionalities with a stunning performance. In addition to this, human interactions also play an important role when it comes to technical development in the world. The machines and devices have a significant effect of such advancement that is growing gradually and it has also managed to emerge in an advanced form. The advanced technologies and integrated AI can significantly change the mobile development process with incredible and feature-rich development. In this way, businesses gain growth and development. 

Enhancing search

Text and voice have become traditional search platforms. Visual advertisements and text ads help you find better products and they even give you products and names of the same if you don’t know the exact description. Smartphones can be used easily for visual search technology. Additionally, integrated AI in the smartphones and mobile applications can help the developers to develop a voice and image recognition platform in the smartphone. Moreover, the localization of applications can be done to increase lead conversion rates. 

Real-time translations

There are ample of translation applications available to enable the translation work. These applications work well with a strong internet connection and thus, Artificial Intelligence would help the smartphone to translate different languages in real-time without the usage of the internet connection. Artificial Intelligence can also provide translation tool that works simultaneously that allows words to be translated in real-time. It works well and helps a user to understand the words and sentences. Eg: Baidu is a Chinese search engine and it translates the words typed by the user in real-time. 

Facial unlocks

Launched in the month September 2017 by the tech giant Apple, Face ID feature is extensively used by the people to safeguard their smartphones and devices. Apple’s iPhone X device uses an Artificial Intelligence based algorithm for the face unlocking feature and functionality. With this feature, a user can set his face for unlocking the phone and even if he or she changes the look, the feature can easily identify the user’s face for unlocking the phone. Google has radar free and hands-free gestures for unlocking smartphones. With this fantastic feature, unlocking the smartphone is easier and secure. 

Enhanced app authentication

As Artificial Intelligence has become easily available as a commercial technology. Here, organizations, as well as criminals, are taking advantage of the technology and advancements. There were predictions by the cybersecurity experts and officials there are chances for the cyber-attacks. So, to prevent all cyber crimes and attacks, there is a need to develop more sophisticated cyber defense systems and technology. Moreover, tech companies also need to develop an advanced level of data security and protocols. Here, security is everything and this is one of the major concerns of all the app and OS developers.

Thanks to enhanced technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and advanced level algorithms because of which the technical experts and developers can look forward to a smooth authentication process and user experience. This must allow users to enjoy security as well as convenience every time they use smartphones or devices. AI can also be used to give alerts to users about malware and threats. AI can also add a level of augmentation to biometric authentication which makes it impossible for a hacker to hack the system and device. Another benefit of AI-based algorithms is that they can find malware and threats and alert users account in real-time.

AI presents innumerable possibilities for innovation and creativity in the mobile app industry. AI is the future of technology and mobile app development. Artificial Intelligence is changing how users interact with several apps, OS and devices. Mobile app users will be linked to intelligent applications and will work simultaneously to deliver a customized and best user experience. 

Businesses adopting AI for development of mobile apps will get unparalleled benefits. 

These apps can lead to business growth. According to a study and research conducted, the user preference is ever-changing. Such changing demands and preferences would enhance the development of mobile apps.

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