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5 Top-Notch and Reliable Open-Source Inventory Control Software for eCommerce

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Building a business bit by bit is not always a piece of cake. Surviving and flourishing in such a tough competition of businesses are struggling. In this situation, the lack of the proper software to run the business can be hectic. Moreover, managing the entire inventory and supply records can be sustained with dedicated management software.

An inventory management software is an application or tool that single-handedly can track the inventory stages of your business. From the order just being placed to the successful completion of the order and the stock information, you can handle everything with a specific inventory management tool. 

If you can’t decide on the right software for your business according to their specialities, don’t worry, we have got your back. We have reviewed more than twenty open-source inventory management software and listed the best 5 for you.

All-in-One eCommerce Inventory Management Tools

There are countless inventory management tools available around the globe. Some are cloud-powered, while others are local server-based. If you need your business and inventory under control, then these are the most exquisite choices for you, as suggested by the business experts of Atdoorstep.

  1. inFlow On-Premise

As per the current market and eCommerce aspects and demands, a robust solution is something that everyone’s looking for. And, inFlow On-Premise software would fulfil your business requirements. 

According to the inventory data experts of Atdoorstep, this software is a full-package solution to inventory management. First, the platform is open-source, where you can track the inventory levels. Additionally, the application assists you in monitoring the payment levels. You can have an idea about complete and incomplete payments. 

Moreover, the tool is capable of generating process invoices, purchase orders, and complementaries. So, the accounting part of the inventories goes stress-free with inFlow inventory management

The in-depth reporting of the inFlow inventory system is astounding. The sales process goes as smoothly as it can ever be with this dedicated inventory management. The tool allows barcode scanners to add items to orders and save you time. 

However, the disadvantage of inFlow On-Premise is that you can use it on Shopify only. But, inFlow Cloud is supported on almost every eCommerce site. However, only Windows PCs support the software.

  1. Odoo

We have got another marvellous eCommerce inventory management software named Odoo. This is a mini-version of the ERP system of enterprise-level, and you can download the free edition. Users can track the incoming orders, packed products, manufacturing products along with generated receipts easily on this software. Because the interface is totally integrated with purchase, manufacturing, and sales. 

Moreover, track with the real-time facility with this app. The management tool schedules the orders depending upon the sales order request. You can expect no loss while shifting your orders through Odoo. The productive mobile dashboard lets you keep an eye on the order tracking and updates. 

On the other hand, you can switch between multi-warehouse or single inventory functions with this. The latest routing feature of Odoo helps you with non-essential loading, unloading, and storage spaces. 

You’ll not notice any contradiction with shipping, packing, and picking with Odoo. The portal is transparent enough to monitor every single inventory process. Moreover, the management tool combines pretty well with every shipping company.

  1. Zoho Inventory

In case you’re running a small business and having difficulties with the inventory overall, then Zoho is a perfect choice. Sellers can simply automate business orders and supply levels with Zoho. The web-based interface of the inventory management tool is appropriate for placing orders, packaging, from shipping to delivery. In addition to this, invoice, billing, sales tracking, and a huge combination of payment processors are available on Zoho.

The dashboard of the tool is extremely easy to use. Product listing, scanner management, and automatic reordering are possible with multiple-language assistance. And, you can customise the features of Zoho to a great extent. You can connect to all the famous eCommerce channels such as Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc. 

Moreover, you can use the tool on your mobile devices. The mobile application is compatible with Android and iOS systems. If you want to avail offline use of specific tools, you can directly export from the app. 

The application would automatically send you email notifications if required. However, some quality features are missing from the open-source Zoho platform. The free version would provide you:

  • Two users permission
  • Twenty online and twenty offline orders every month
  • One warehouse
  • Twenty shipping tracking and twenty shipping labels
  1. Sellbrite

Is overselling becoming an issue for your business? Sellbrite can efficiently manage the inventory system of your business. Grab the entire control of your inventory management and discard overselling from your business. This open-source inventory management platform is the right choice for small businesses, along with user-friendly options. The data from Sellbrite would help you to recover from overstocking products.

The multi-channel inventory management is precise, and the tool automates order routing among warehouses. An entire warehouse control is possible with Sellbrite. You can grab a free trial for fourteen days if you want to give it a try. So, Sellbrite is the optimum selection for inventory reporting, analytics, and warehouse management. Additionally, you can have full-time support from the customer help executives whenever needed.

  1. PartKeepr

The extent of usability can be an important factor for inventory management tools. PartKeepr would amaze you with its versatile software system that is designed for small and large businesses. The tool will help you to track and control multiple inventory systems along with numerous distributors and manufacturers. The search field of the software is strong enough to deal with inventory levels deep down your business

Another perk of PartKeepr is that the tool allows you to control your business and inventory data with complete freedom. You can easily manage all your business orders. Integrated with Octopart, PartKeepr helps you to monitor the availability of products.

This free inventory management software bonds pretty well with electronics. The feature called parametric search is outstanding for your business. Yet, this is local software, and it means that it resides on your computer. You can’t access this software from anywhere you want, as it doesn’t facilitate cloud advantages. Additionally, it doesn’t include eCommerce integrations.

How to Choose the most Reliable Inventory Management Software for eCommerce Business?

Now, it’s time for you to shortlist the suitable eCommerce inventory management tool for you. Check out the reliability of the software along with the fact of monthly orders. As you’re going for free and open-source software, there might be chances of limited orders and shipments. Additionally, you have to examine if the software is compatible with your eCommerce website and the shipping partner.

In case you switch to paid plans of the inventory management software, check if they provide customer support. In addition to this, the software should have frequent updates to fix the bugs. Examine whether the app supports mobile devices or cloud facilities. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the accounting facilities, as well.

Takeaway Always….

No doubt, these open-source software are the best for eCommerce inventory management purposes. However, free choices might put a boundary on your business liberties. Don’t bind your business with liabilities from these inventory tools. Try a free version, and then you can subscribe to any of the paid software options mentioned above. They would definitely add a wing to your eCommerce business.




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