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5 things to consider when designing a website in 2019

It takes users a mere 0.05 seconds to judge whether or not they love your site and skip away. You don’t have long to snare them, so you can act on any small things from a planning viewpoint to catch their eye and make your site emerge, despite all the trouble.

In case that you need your website to be modern and trending, you have to remain up to date on the trends that will make the buzzword!

Technologies and design are changing at a highly fast speed that it appears to be relatively difficult to stay aware of the trends. However, it’s pivotal to grasp the distinction between a passing craze and an influential trend that will dispatch strong upshots. From colors to the algorithm updates, how do smart organizations adapt to these progressions?

  • They check the potential of their site, always reviving it to address the concerns of their clients.
  • They always adjust for being ahead of their rivals in the business.
  • They discover new and novel approaches to cooperate, interface, and attract with clients.
  • They prepare in advance and are open about better approaches to contact their target audience.

We’ve put together 5 key points that will be the hot favorite considerations while designing your website in 2019.

1. AI Technologies

Already computer systems these days are best in class technologically to the point where Artificial Intelligence (AI) can tune in to your client’s inquiry to decide and give the right solutions – no people required.

So, this technology is becoming a need of an hour for online businesses.This innovation is already or need to be implemented on the websites:

a. Voice user interface

A voice user interface enables individuals to take advantage of voice input to control different devices and computers. If you’re running a digital marketing organization, making sites with this emerging technology is basic to you!

This innovation is still genuinely new yet developing quickly in light of the fact that it’s the brains behind a great many gizmos, for example, Echo and Alexa by Amazon.

Customers need to get the maximum capacity of VUI to connect with the online businesses in manners that will go past of tapping a mouse. Presenting VUI technology is something to that will make your site more intuitive and down to earth for your audience, leading to more deals on your site!

b. Augmented Reality

Enabling your visitors to communicate through AR technology is getting to be less difficult each time since most gadgets presently have a camera. You could filter a business card and view an animation pops up on your smartphone.

Augmented reality (AR) is generally found in gaming applications, however, it is currently also turning into a buzzword in website development. It’s being seen frequently in sales apps and sites.

One successful instance of AR integration is found on the IKEA app where one can use this technology to assist in furniture arrangement.

You can have an intuitive 3D navigation bar on your site. You can empower a “virtual mirror” so your customers can attempt on glasses on your site.

The possibilities are just endless!

2. Flat design

The year 2018 was about the crisp, minimal, and clean aesthetic. Well, truth be told, this isn’t going anyplace on the coming year too.

One key component of a flat design is the negative space utilized. Quite a long time ago, web designers used to feel they have to fill each void space with a content. In 2018 as well as in the coming year, void space is something to be thankful for.

The first reason for adopting such a web design strategy was to enhance performance in mobile. That’s as yet an advantage of flat design trend. As a result, with less mess to load, the page speed boosts.

The flat design doesn’t need to be dull. Since the fruitful flat design style utilizes bold lines, bright hues, and high-resolution pictures.

When you or your candidate need more dimension, you can make the website semi-flat. This implies you fuse shadows and gentle gradients to the website design.

Flat design has had an effect on brands like Instagram, Apple’s iOS icons, and Stripe, and in addition, assuming a featuring part in the prominent updates of organizations like Mastercard and Dropbox.

3. Subtle animations

Animated gifs and videos are not really new. It has been in 2018 and will even survive in 2019. Reports flourish about how animations can increase traffic maintenance somewhere in the range of 25-78%.

So, what has caused the excitement for animation in website designing? All things considered, the quantity of designing tools now accessible to web developers have had a major influence.

Yet, what is new is that – the animation trend is winding up more ingenious, and deliberately inserted. As opposed to being totally subversive and ruling the whole screen, which consumes load times and even attention spans the animation is packed in a solitary zone of the screen.

This attracts your consideration to a particular area of the screen, making a sole point of convergence.

In general, subtle animation makes a website that is less diverting and eventually happens in a loop.

4. UI trends

It’s extremely helpful to know the present trends, particularly, when you are in the website designing or online business race. Among the trends of this industry, the most well-known design techniques to use in 2019 will be:

Colors – The bright hues along with the contrasting blends will satisfy the eyes of your visitors. Also, smooth color changes will be a notable pattern in 2019.

Minimalism – Interfaces are basic and as reasonable as would be prudent so individuals could utilize the site with an ease.

3D components – Applying the right dimensions, you can make their appropriate hierarchy.

Bold headings – They make it likely to feature the primary concern.

5. Mobile friendly

With mobile websites taking over desktop websites, it is no big surprise that mobile friendly website has turned into a buzzword and a priority. This trend is tied in with transforming how sites are developed on a very basic level.

Earlier the standard used to be that a site would just be intended for a computer and a mobile responsive design may be included afterward.

But now the site designing begins with developing the site for the mobile users first before making a variant that will likewise work for a computer user.

The visual outcome is something that will above all improve your visitor’s involvement with the site on the phone that they mostly browse from.

This trend will probably be the trend for quite a while to come.

Sites are the most imperative component of online organizations. The site decides the future of the business by leaving an impression on its visitors. Organizations constantly need to get a positive response to their business and for that reason, their sites ought to be refreshed and be compatible with the latest advancements. In this blog post, we have talked about the points that need to be acknowledged by all the website designers, developers, and the organizations for the year 2019.

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