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5 reasons TikTok marketing is the way to go for your business

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TikTok is the latest social media platform and it has completely taken the world by storm. It has over 600 million users worldwide and is massively popular. It is a fun app that has grown to be huge in a short period. TikTok is completely video-based and the app allows users to record and edit videos and upload them onto the app. This platform is mainly used by youngsters who make up the majority of the user base. There are many strong communities on TikTok and it is more than just an entertainment app. Many things go viral on the app from dance videos to comedy skits and the fact that content can easily go viral makes it the must-use app for marketing your brand or business. This article will go more in-depth.

Massive audience 

TikTok is a very popular social media platform and the point of this platform is to gain more followers. You can either buy TikTok followers via services such as TokUpgrade, or you can just use the app consistently and grow your audience organically. TikTok has a wide and international audience which is brilliant for marketing because the limit to the number of people that you can reach is high and you can tap into the many niches and communities to find your audience and gain followers. You don’t just want a local audience, you want to reach an international audience to increase your brand awareness as well as your reach. 

Authentic marketing 

Old, traditional marketing has become old-fashioned and brands and businesses are now using social media to market themselves and their products and services. This is completely disrupting the marketing space. TikTok is the newest social media platform and it is very informal which adds to the appeal. You cannot hard sell on this platform, it does not do well. Instead, market organically, creatively, and entertainingly. TikTok is a platform that promotes authenticity so you will gain from being yourself and producing wholesome content to be consumed by your audience. Always stay fun and entertaining because people use TikTok when they are bored. 

The power of video 

Videos are the best to use for ads. It does much better than images or text. People love videos because they are engaging and entertaining and this is why TikTok has grown so significantly. This is something that benefits brands and businesses who want to use TikTok for marketing because everything they need is at their fingertips. Brands and businesses can create and edit videos on TikTok and users will consume it if it is entertaining. 

Import your hashtags 

Hashtags are a word or a series of words that begin with the “#” symbol. When used, they categorize content based on a theme or a certain topic. When you use hashtags, you make your posts more visible and more discoverable which expands your reach and introduces your content to a wider audience which could equal more followers. You also have the option to create branded hashtags which are your personalized hashtag that is exclusive to your business or brand. When you create a branded hashtag, you form a community and can track what people are thinking about your brand or business by searching the hashtag. 


Trends do extremely well on TikTok and things go viral very quickly on this app. Some famous trends on TikTok include the silhouette challenge, the nature cereal challenge and the buss It challenge. Dances, skits and even sounds can go viral on TikTok. Trends are an opportunity for your brand or business to go viral which benefits you because it expands your reach and widens your audience which could lead to more followers and potential customers. 
As a business, you need to be marketing on TikTok. It is a fun, entertaining, creative space, and to top it all off, it is inexpensive and effective to market on this platform. TikTok is great because they give you everything you need including great in-app editing features to make your video pop. There is a massive audience on TikTok and you can gain a whole bunch of new followers by doing authentic marketing, using videos that are very powerful on the app, and using hashtags and trends.




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