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5 Reasons That Artificial Intelligence Can Replace Teachers in Universities

Teachers have for many centuries been at the forefront when it comes to shaping the literacy of the generations of their time. From an early age, kids go to the teacher for learning and continue for several years until they graduate from college. 

Today, hundreds of educational apps have been developed and more tech ones are expected to be created. More students are taking online classes even as AI technology gradually takes center stage in education. Educators must now critically think about their fate amidst a fast-developing AI technology. 

AI and remote learning 

For many years, learners were limited to a physical class where they had to sit in a lecture hall or classroom and a teacher had to be physically present and teach. The scenario is drastically changing and the teacher’s tasks are dwindling each day. 

Although the teacher is still widely needed in the classroom, the lecture hall has been divided into online classes and physical classes. The teacher is still required in the online class in terms of giving assignments, grading, and giving certificates. However, with AI for app development technology, more students can take online classes, and soon many teachers might be without work. 

Administration and grading assignments 

Everyday school day, teachers spend a lot of time preparing lessons, then rush to teach in the classroom for another 40 minutes to an hour. The school administration requires the teacher to give assignments, then follow-up to ensure students do them, and then mark them and grade. 

The AI gurus have been working round the clock to simplify the work done by the teaching staff and the educators have been quick to embrace the technology. Today, AI technology can mark and grade multiple exams within few hours, leaving a lot less work for the teacher. 

AI technology is developing fast and college students might soon be able to learn without a teacher. In response to this rapidly growing technology, students must look for new ways to study and do each assignment they get. For one reason or the other, a student might need help to write an essay and the best choice is to get in touch with StudyClerk if you need help with essay writing. This is a good essay writing site that I’ve always visited whenever I need help with my essay. 

Learning apps 

Millions of students today rely heavily on learning apps to make their learning easier and to do tasks and assignments fast. A student doesn’t need to wait until they attend a lesson to learn something. All the information their teacher will teach is available through online apps and students can learn ahead of their teacher through the apps. 

A student who wants to cite the work in any style can do so by simply opening their citation app. Some students today don’t even attend lectures regularly because they can send their classmates with a recording gadget and they later download the day’s lesson and take all the notes. In essence, the need for a teacher is slowly dying away because the apps have everything a student needs. 

The era of robots 

Robots have been very useful in the manufacturing field because they help lift heavy loads and work in dangerous environments like chemical plants and places with extreme temperatures. Simple robots are increasingly becoming useful in homes doing chores like cleaning, arranging items, and monitoring homes. 

The increase in AI technology is deemed to cause a massive change in every sector in society, including the education sector. Programmed robots will soon be brought into the classroom to teach and arrangements are already underway to introduce teacher robots before 2027

More advanced AI technology in the future

Scientists, innovators, and developers are continually studying and seeking ways to better the technology that is already existing. Within the last 20years, a lot has changed in terms of technology growth and development.

The future of AI technology can only stand brighter because every year brings an improvement on what has already been innovated. Technologists foresee a near future that will purely rely on AI and IoT. The future for teachers is in balance because AI is taking a big chunk of responsibility for the teacher each year. 


The last two decades have recorded immense improvements in technology and AI is quickly becoming a primary focus by technology experts. From the time internet was invented, teacher responsibilities have begun to become limited because online classes began soon after. AI technology has made it possible to take away more responsibilities from teachers and soon, the teacher might have no responsibility left for him. 




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