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5 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

As the internet coverage has been rising across the world, and with access to the internet now possible at ever-lower prices, brands’ possibilities to reach out to these new users are endless. The capabilities of brands to advertise and market themselves in a much more targeted manner are now greater. Hence, the return on the investment you make on marketing is much better. More and more companies are, therefore, now opting for video marketing over more traditional forms of marketing.

The rise of, and increase in, marketing using video has also been propelled by the fact that the audiences’ interest in traditional forms of outreach has been waning. Television consumption is at an all-time low, and no future is envisioned for newspapers and magazines, at least in their physical form. Hence, marketing via video on the internet is a very natural choice for any brand serious about its outreach. The internet provides so many options for brands to indulge in video marketing that there is something in it for practically everybody.

While these reasons must be enough for any brand to be convinced that this is the way to go, there are more benefits of video marketing to brands across fields, experience, and market shares which you can read here. Here are some really powerful reasons why your brands need to indulge in marketing via video.

Provide an Understanding of Your Product

Video marketing beats any other form of marketing when it comes to helping customers understand the brand and its products. Several brands often tend to prefer text as a primary method of marketing with publishing articles, and advertisements. However, the truth of our times is that people prefer visual content to textual content, and there is no better visual content than a well-made video. By making a video, you can choose the extent to which you wish to explain your product to any prospective customer. You may choose to make an infomercial, a long ad, or merely a short ad to give the viewer a taste of what your product stands for. Once a customer understands your product, the likelihood of them going ahead and buying the product increases considerably. This also helps you be the decider of how your product is viewed in the market.

The Prevalence of Video

As explained earlier, video is the future of entertainment, marketing, and all content. A vast majority of brands and businesses have already transferred to the use of video for marketing in one form or the other. This tectonic shift towards video marketing in the previous few years has been driven by user demand for more and better video content, as well as the increase in the user base of most major social media platforms, which have visuals as the main type of content. Most internet traffic is already attributed to a video of some form, and in the next few years, this is only going to grow. Hence, it is prudent that a new brand uses video marketing as the primary form of marketing and concentrate its resources toward making the best videos possible to spread the word about itself and its products.

Everyone’s Doing It

The sheer number of companies that are actively indulging in video marketing is so staggering that it is enough reason for your company to do so. This form of marketing has grown from being just a trend practiced by a few companies to the way things are done now. Any new company, along with setting up the infrastructure to make its product and administer its daily dealings, would do well to incline its marketing department specifically toward marketing via video. The response to video marketing has been such that the efficiency of marketing budgets has increased significantly for several companies, and marketing departments of these companies now vie against each other to go viral. When it comes to marketing, it is best to be where your competition isn’t, but even better is to be where your consumers are. At this time, consumers are all on video.

Build Trust

The best way a marketing department can build trust with its customers is through video marketing. It is important to remember here that video marketing isn’t just about making or directing videos about your brand. Live videos, interviews, and video calls with prospective customers also count as video marketing. With an even greater number of users getting comfortable with and setting up personal infrastructure for video calling, this is just the right time to branch out from standard video marketing and advertising to more personalized variants of video marketing. Live video has been booming for over a year now, and if you can use this feature on multiple social media platforms to boost your online presence, you will likely have a head start into the future of marketing.

Boosting Conversions

Ask any old-time marketer what the most frustrating part about any kind of marketing is, and the most common response you are likely to get is that the return on investment can often be appallingly low. This is because the marketing of the traditional kind is seldom able to reach the right customers for the brand. They generally rely on getting such a large number of customers that a subset of interested customers is also covered, which costs a lot of money. Video marketing, used in conjunction with tools such as machine learning, can surgically target the customers that are most likely to use your brand or product and direct them toward you. This helps boost conversions and get you a greater number of customers and is also cost-efficient.

Video marketing requires finesse in making videos and editing them using tools such as InVideo, but what’s most important is to decide to start with video marketing for your brand. So get started with your first video now!




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