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5 Industries Decoying Communication with Chatbot Applications

With so many chatbots available in the market today, it becomes quite a daunting task to pick one of the best-performing ones. So here we present a list of chatbots that are turning not only to be pretty- effective ones but fun as well. And the best part just to take care of the overall customer experience and engagement they are now catering to multiple industries. Did we get you excited already? So, stay tuned.

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1. For a smoother workflow:

Tired of scheduling meetings over email? Well, then Amy got you covered. Amy (x.ai) is one of the best chatbot applications for handling your email woes. It is neither a standalone app nor a chat based addon. To get it working all you need is to cc it in the email and it will suggest you an appropriate meeting time just by taking notes of your location and other preferences. Once the same is approved by the other participant Amy sends an automated meeting invite.

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2. The Travel segment:

Chatbot applications and travel go hand in hand. And with AI growing smarter and extremely powerful the opportunities for chatbots in the travel sector are soaring high. Since the advantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is unarguably humongous, many top travel companies have decided over chatbots for a hassle-free user experience.

And one of the best we feel is Hello Hipmunk. It actually, solves the entire hectic travel booking process in a jiffy. Being a personal travel-assistant it not only allows you to book flights and hotels but also aligns with the Facebook messenger, Calender and email making your travel much simplified.

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3. Boosting the e-commerce space:

With the advent of the internet, e-commerce did rise-up insanely during the year 2014- 2015. But there needed to be better interactions between the giant e-commerce brands and the end consumer. And for that matter, the chatbot has played a big role. They have really got the conversational commerce happening.

Let’s mention Mona by Amazon for instance. It sets to handle the entire shopping process for the customer. Right from product comparison with style, size, and colors to providing an advanced personalized customer experience by offering product recommendations, this standalone app seems to do it all.

 Retail and Technology

4. Bots for Finance:

Smartphones and internet has provided finance a fertile ground to grow as the masses today rely mostly on them for their banking activities. Many banks and financial institutions have incorporated 24/7 virtual assistants just to offer seamless banking services to their end customers and they are claimed to be fast, reliable and highly secure.

But chatbots, are they bringing in real value and accuracy for all that innovation that it says or it is just a surficial platform with lack of depth. While the tussle is still on, we bring in one big initiative by Mastercard.

It recently rolled out the Master-pass bots that integrated with third-party retailers like Subway and The Cheese Factory to offer easy ordering experience on the Facebook messenger itself. The bots use AI to help the customers interact with the retailers and checkout securely using the Master-pass all without leaving the messenger app.

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5. Bots building a better healthcare:

With everything advancing with technology even the healthcare sector seems to benefit. In fact, healthcare still – remains the field that needs to accept digitization with open arms. One such lauding initiative is taken by the Chinese tech giant, Baidu. Its bot named Melody is doing wonders when it comes to connecting patients with local doctors, allowing quick appointments, and generating huge data which can ease up the diagnosis and can be quite useful for figuring out health based patterns.

Well, to sum up, we can say that in this ever-increasing digitized world and with the highly versatile AI technology the chatbots will be a rage till they provide good value but needless to say this rage is certainly here to stay.




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