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5 Best Tips to Nail Your Content Strategy Using AI

Content marketing is an integral part of digital marketing and a vital component for the success of any eCommerce website or blog. And anyone that’s in content marketing would be well aware of the importance of content strategy. In fact, excellent content strategies help win the proverbial market wars and retain an edge over rivals in many ways.

The Use of AI

Considering the key role of content and content marketing, a lot of digital marketing experts now leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence or AI as part of their content strategy. According to available data, about 40 percent of all businesses deploy AI to handle some part of their operations. And content marketing is one of them.

If you wish to nail your content strategy for optimum results, I recommend you also use AI. In fact, the results of deploying AI can be amazing and take your website as well as content to an entirely new and upper level.

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Nailing Content Strategy Using AI

In this article, I will discuss some key area of content strategy where you can effectively utilize AI. Contrary to popular belief, using AI isn’t expensive: in fact, it helps save considerably on your entire digital marketing processes.

1. Content Writing

Among all digital marketing processes, content writing doesn’t depend upon any software or online resources. Meaning, your dependency on human content writers will remain. This scenario will remain unchanged for decades to come, since there’s no machine equivalent of human intelligence, human thought and human emotions.

After all, the prime purpose of creating or writing content is to trigger that process of making a reader think, getting their thoughts convert as emotions that translate further and culminate as actions.

While content writers or content creators will remain indispensable to the content marketing industry, AI can make the process a lot easier for your team.

As any seasoned content writer will testify, writing superb content that people read and get results due to action, need extensive processes such as research, use of proper grammar, detection of the right keywords to blend in the content, knowing reader preferences and lots more.

And with this perfection or even as a beginner content writer can make a decent amount of money.

While Search Engine Optimization resources may help identify some keywords and other parameters, content writers find them grossly insufficient when it comes to actually writing something.

In such a scenario, you can effectively deploy Artificial Intelligence for various critical tasks such as knowing the exact keywords that people search for and their density. AI is also useful to conduct research.

A bot or algorithm for that matter, can scan thousands of websites and shortlist the results that come handy for content writers to create superb content.

2. Content Scheduling

Another key area where AI can play a major role in nailing your content strategy is the very essential Content Schedules. How does a digital marketer know when it’s the right time to post fresh content? Who can predict when or what a reader will look for? And what are the guarantees that your content will emerge on top of search results on Google or any other search engine?

All these questions have one simple answer: Using AI to handle content scheduling. Currently, there’re lots of AI systems available that can be programmed to post website or social media content according to a fixed schedule. All you need to do as part of your content strategy is to program this AI to post content automatically.

AI makes it possible for you to post content even while you’re asleep or busy with other tasks. This means, your website or social media pages carry the latest content and attracts more and more readers. And you’ll agree that the prime purpose of content is to attract readers to your website.

In this respect, AI helps you to overcome limitations of time due to time zones of the world and at your location. AI applications can post content round the clock to cater to audiences in various time zones without much effort.

3. Identifying Key Markets & Ethnic Pockets

As website owner or digital marketer, you would surely appreciate the importance of data analysis. It helps identify the kind of traffic your website attracts and helps you understand ethnic preferences and choices, especially from areas where people from different parts of the world or various communities dwell together.

Digital marketers worldwide are aware of the hardships they encounter when dealing with ethnic pockets. Content creators have to be careful not to hurt any sentiments while marketers are hard pressed to find products and services that would cater effectively to a specific ethnic pocket.

Thankfully, AI makes it easier to target ethnic groups and provide content they like. One classic example is news channels that focus their content on various regions of the world or various communities.

The same adage can effectively be applied to a digital marketing drive with AI: you can target specific communities at a certain time with appealing content that can actually fetch more clients and create a brand following.

4. Use of Chatbots and Instant E-mailers

Chatbots are the most effective resource for content promotion. A chatbots enables a reader to engage quickly with your website after reading specific content.

Using AI as part of your content strategy means you can also have a chatbot on your website. With AI, you allow a reader to ask specific questions or interact in real-time over anything that your content says.

In cases where a chatbots isn’t able to fulfill the reader’s queries, it can always be utilized for capturing email ID, telephone number, location and other details for humans to follow up.

Chatbots are also useful to guide readers to other interesting and related content on your website. You can program these AI applications to entice readers to visit a new page or content.

5. Moderation and Reader Comments

Personally, I believe that reader comments should be published without much moderation or editing. However, there’s no dearth of spammers that will try and flood your comments section with useless emails and comments for cheap backlinks.

Here, AI applications can play a major role in nailing your content strategy. An AI application can automatically sort out genuine and legit comments from spam and serve as a goalkeeper of sorts. It can weed out and block spammers to a great extent, though human intelligence would also be necessary.

Furthermore, AI can alert you whenever there’s a genuinely adverse comment on your content or one that speaks well. This allows you to respond to reader comments selectively and increase website engagement.

AI is also useful to know what readers are looking for when they read your comment and the amount of time they spent on a specific article as well as the area where a reader was accessing the website and content.

All these are vital tools that not only enhance your data analysis capabilities but also help improve reader engagement through comments while barring spammers.

In Conclusion

It’s common knowledge that AI is the future of digital marketing and other digital processes. Therefore, content marketers, digital marketers, and website owners need to recognize the fact that AI will play a pivotal role in the success or failure of any website. Therefore, I would recommend website owners and digital marketers to start nailing your content strategies using AI at the earliest.


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