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Social media has turned into a phenomenon over the past decade. They also use social media growth tools, as they help them tremendously in their quest for attracting more followers i.e. customers. One example for using these tools is the possibility of buying likes. Businesses can buy likes no matter the social media platform they’re using, they just need to make sure the site they’re using is safe and authentic. The Small Business Blog reviews the best places to buy TikTok likes, and deciding on one is easily the best thing you can do about your growth.  However, managing social media for professional purposes is way different and harder than regular social media usage. Which is why people take help from social media automation tools. Here are 5 of the best tools that you should be considering for your social media.

1. PromoRepublic 

PromoRepublic is a social media management tool launched in 2014. The services PromoRepublic provides are content creation, publishing, and analytics

For content creation, PromoRepublic provides preset templates that can be used for different types of content. Other than templates, you get stock images, videos, and gifs for your content. 

For publishing, you can manage multiple social media platforms and accounts from PromoRepublic’s dashboard. It also features post-scheduling with many options. From its content calendar, you can easily schedule content worth of more than a month in advance.

For analytics, various features let you study the reach of your content as well as the reception. 

The number of profiles and analytical features differ from plan to plan which are explained in detail on the official website. There are four plans to choose from; solo ($9), standard ($49), professional ($99), and enterprise. Enterprise plans don’t have any set prices and it depends on the number of services you buy. You can try a free trial for any of the plans without providing any credit or debit card.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the oldest social media management tools that we know today. It was initially launched in 2008 and has today over 16 million users. 

Hootsuite offers you a dashboard to manage different social media accounts across different platforms. You can manually post or schedule posts on different platforms from just one place. Neither you have to switch between accounts nor you have to post content manually on a regular basis. From the dashboard, you can also manage customer responses from the inboxes of all your profiles. You can read and reply to all of the queries across every platform right from this one page.

There is a Composer feature that gives you access to a content library of photos, videos, and gifs which can be used for content creation

For analytic purposes, there is Hootsuite Insights. Here is a detailed review of Hootsuite

Aside for a free plan, there are a total of four paid plans; Professional ($19), Team ($99), Business ($599), and Enterprise. Hootsuite offers a free trial of 30 days for any of its plans. No credit/debit card information is required. 

3. Agorapulse

AgoraPulse was launched way back in 2001 when it was known as Affinitiz. It is by far the oldest social media management tool on this list. At present, there are over 23k people that actively use AgoraPulse. 

AgoraPulse provides you with a common dashboard to manage all your profiles from. The number of profiles depends on the plan you have chosen. You can post manually or schedule in advance across any platform from just one page. It also gives you a shared inbox where you can manage customer responses from all of your profiles from one place. AgoraPulse’s inbox has a filter that can detect spam and chatbots and keeps them out. It saves plenty of time, effort and headache 

Other than this, with AgoraPulse you can see every instance when your brand’s name gets tagged or mentioned anywhere on social media. It also suggests you trending topics and tags that can make your content reach a wider audience. 

There are 4 different plans to choose from; Medium ($79), Large ($179), X-Large ($239), and Enterprise. Before buying any plan, users can try their 28-day free trial first. There are no commitments and neither they ask for user’s credit or debit card information. 

4. Loomly

One of the newer tools on this list, Loomly was founded in 2016. Named Calendy at first, it was renamed to Loomly in 2017. 

Like the majority of such tools, Loomly lets you manage all of your social media profiles from just one page. You can post content without switching tab and constantly logging in & out. The number of social media accounts you can connect to and the number of users who can use it depends on the plan that is chosen.

There is also a common inbox where you can see every response you receive across all the connected profiles. Customer feedback is the most important part of marketing and having a shared inbox makes sure you never miss out on any queries or complaints.

Loomly provides great assistance in marketing especially. It suggests hot topics and trends for your post that can boost their reach. There is also an ad-manager that helps you keep up with your ads across various connected profiles. 

There is no free plan and you can choose from five plans; Base ($34), Standard ($76), Advanced ($119), Premium ($332), and Enterprise. Loomly offers a 15-day free trial for users to check and decide for themselves. 

5. Sked Social 

Founded in 2013, Sked Social has been a renowned name for 7 years. Sked Social is the best social management tool if promoting your Instagram is the main target as it works the best for Instagram. In fact, Sked Social used to be exclusive to Instagram and used to be known as Schedugram. One of the major features here is Instagram post scheduling. It includes not only posting images and videos on your feed but on stories as well. You can schedule posts in bulk at intervals that makes management easier.

There is a built-in editor on Sked Social with which you can fine-tune photos and videos right before you post them. An option to preview posts before posting is available as well which lets you see how your content would look like on the respective platform once posted

You can also manage other social media platforms like Facebook & Linkedin but it works the best for Instagram.

There are four plans you can select; Base ($25), Essentials ($75), Professional ($135), and Enterprise ($260). You can also opt for a 7-day free trial before buying a plan as well.

Social media management has literally turned into a profession and brands and firms now hire experts to manage their social media profiles. Managing it is not a walk in the park and neither is getting instantly successful. It depends on the quality of your product in the end. These tools only help you in making it reach more people.

However it’s not necessary that these things really work, reaching out more and more people is quite easy but it is quite difficult to make them a permanent follower on your social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, so buying followers from best sites is another great tip for maintaining the desired number of followers.


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