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5 best Node.js Frameworks for Developers

With the advent of Node.js, Java Scripts have come to an altogether different level of usage. With Node.js, a smooth server-side implementation is possible as it reduces the complexity of using two different languages at both ends. Node.js is considered as one of the most innovative solutions for mobile app or web developments.

Here is a list of 5 best Node.js frameworks, which have redefined the task of application development:

  • Hapi.js

This powerful Node.js Web Framework is used for building APIs and other such software applications. This framework offers a robust plug-in system. The key features it offers are configuration –based functionality, input validation, error handling, and logging.

  • Socket.io

This framework is used for building real-time web applications. Socekt.io provides event-driven, bi-directional client server communications. This framework works as a client side library running in the browser and as a server side library for node.js. Another good feature is that Socket.io offers real time concurrency for data exchange and document collaboration.

  • Express.js

This essential framework is used for building a host of mobile applications, web services, and APIs as well. This framework has come up with a lot of famous websites like Yummly, Geekli.st, MySpace, etc, making Express.js one of the most popular frameworks in Node.js.

  • Meteor

This framework is an open-source, model view controller for creating websites and web/mobile apps. This framework supports OS X, Windows, as well as Linux. Using Java scripts you can create both client and server for an application.

  • Mojito

Mojito is a mobile application development framework introduced by Yahoo! Developer Network. Mojito, too, can run on both client and server ends of an application, since both components are created using Java scripts. Mojito is a model-view-controller framework offering some very useful features such as integrated unit testing, convenient data fetching, and owns a library for simplifying internationalization and localization.

Node.js frameworks, today, have completely changed the way web and mobile applications are being developed. This field promises to stay here for a while and to benefit users from its versatile features and adaptability. Some big brands that are using Node.js

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