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4 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Ranking on Google and How to Fix it

4 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Ranking on Google and How to Fix it

Nowadays even traditional well-established businesses are adopting digital transformation as part of their marketing and branding strategies. The breakneck speed at which competitors and businesses move into the digital environment means that even digital natives must review and revamp their strategies more often than ever.

Businesses must continually work to harness the several advantages of digitization and adhere to agile practices in order to establish their brand on the internet. For some businesses, even with a solid set of priorities and skillful people on board, ranking on Google or ascending to the top ten domains in SERP can be a challenge. This can have significant effects on website traffic, lead generation, branding, and online ROI.

Why is it Essential to Rank on the First Page of Google?

When was the last time you visited the second page of Google SERP to get an answer to your question? You probably would never have, right? In fact, reports state that only 1 percent of people actually go to the second page on Google. Also, with the recent updates from Google, such as the Intended search results and Google MUM update, the search engine will prioritize relevant answers on the first page itself.

You would never have to visit the second page or enter your query twice with a different keyword to get exact answers. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to have your business website rank first on Google. Also, you definitely might be aware of the innumerable benefits of ranking on page one. Businesses that are ranked top have better chances to be noticed by potential customers, they can significantly increase profit, gain much better ROI on their digital marketing investments, build higher brand authority, and most importantly overcome competition.

So if you don’t want to miss out on qualified leads and revenue. Identify the factors mentioned below that can have a toll on your website ranking and fix them ASAP, or you can even hire a digital marketing agency and have them do it for you.

Why Your Website is Not Ranking on Google Search Engine?

1. Your Website is Not Indexed

In order for Google to know that your website exists, it should first crawl your pages and then index these results. Only then will your website popup when a person types in your website name or keywords, because Google will pull the results from the index.

If your business website is relatively new, it could take time to index and this could be one reason why your site does not show up on Google. 

How to fix this?

You can start by creating an account for your website on Google Search Console. By using this account you can direct Google to your sitemap.xml and assign it to crawl and index your domain. You can also check out your site’s “no index” tags in the website source code and robots.txt to make sure Google bots can locate, crawl, and index all your webpages. A robots.txt file can stop Google crawlers from crawling the inner pages of your website, so ensure that you don’t mistakenly disallow pages you want to rank.

2. Your Website Might Have a Penalty

Google’s online penalties can also prevent your website from ranking on the SERPs. Ensure that your domain meets Google’s quality guidelines, if it doesn’t Google may temporarily or permanently ban your domain from ranking.

How to fix this?

Most penalties are based on two main Google algorithm updates: Penguin and Panda. Penguin penalties identify domains that leverage black hat SEO and link-building techniques while Panda targets websites with “thin content.” To know whether you have been penalized or not, you can check out Google Search Console for alerts.

If you find that your website has been penalized, then you’ll need to take appropriate steps to remove these penalties and also revamp your website so that future penalties are thwarted. Make sure you avoid black hat SEO techniques and only focus on White Hat techniques and meet Google’s guidelines precisely. 

3. Your Website Might Not Be Optimized for Page Experience

Based on the recent Page Experience update, Google will give more priority to websites that meet the three Core Web Vitals. If your website is not well optimized and is unable to provide visitors with an efficient website experience, then you will have a hard time ranking your domain. 

How to Fix this?

Make sure your website meets the Google Core Web Vitals. The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and First Input Delay (FID) will be used to measure the performance of a website. To keep up with these updates you have to ensure that your website loads faster, responds quickly to user interaction, and is stable across all browsers or platforms. You can even hire a web development company in Toronto to help with website responsiveness, better loading speeds, enhanced UI/UX, etc.

4. Your Keywords are Too Competitive

We all know that content is king and that good, well SEO-optimized website content can help your business rank on Google much faster. But if your keywords are focussing on highly-competitive terms and competing with bigger more established brands, then it can sometimes affect your ranking. 

How to Fix this?

Businesses must focus on less competitive long-tail keywords or more specific phrases that include three or more keywords. Even though you may find that long-tail keywords have lower monthly search volumes, they are less competitive, which gives you a much better chance of ranking on Google. You may use Keyword Tool and Google’s Keyword Planner to seamlessly identify less competitive long-tail keywords that offer the most value to your business


The position is critical everywhere, even if it’s in the business world or on Google, if a company ranks first, it has better chances of acquiring customers, a better reputation, and a better brand value. Sometimes ranking first in the physical world can be quite difficult but in the digital world with a touch of SEO magic and website optimizations, your domain can rank on top, even above well-established multi-million dollar competitors. So, make the best out of digital marketing and online branding strategies to obtain a great return on investment and further grow your business goals.


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