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4 Machine Learning algorithms you should know about

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Machine learning has reached a whole new level over time. However, there is nothing as a single algorithm when it comes to machine learning. On top of that, the addition of other techniques such as NLP and neural network, machine learning has reached a new height. Even the companies are opting this advanced technology. They are embracing it the machine learning automation and algorithms.

The main reason behind this is data is utilized by the companies. Hence, it requires topmost and finest algorithm to maintain it all. If you are confused with so many algorithms out there then here are the top algorithms for machine learning to follow up.

Unsupervised learning

In this type of algorithm, the smart computers are used that can easily work on the data that is not labelled. All they need is to understand the pattern in which data is saved. This will help them to understand the actual data with no teacher. This type of algorithm is extremely used when manual help is of no use. Hence, the system jumps up and complete the whole process.

This type of model depends on descriptive modeling and pattern detection. But it doesn’t have any type of labels or categories for output which made it dependent on model relationships. There are input data that is used for this algorithm that helps in rule mining, grouping or summarizing data points and helps in pattern detection.

Hence, it easily derives insights and helps in analyzing the data for better results. In addition to this, this type of descriptive model includes different algorithm types. Some of them are Association rule learning algorithms and clustering algorithms.

Supervised learning

In this type of learning concept, one requires the function approximation. Here algorithms are worked up and the one that gives accurate results in selected for a better approach. Our aim is to ensure that the input value is described in the best possible way along with the estimation value of the data that is represented with X.

Hence, the time is invested in coming up with an accurate prediction that can help in understanding the function. Also, the manual assumptions are required in this type of data set, unlike the unsupervised learning method. The manual work is mainly on the task to set it in such a way that a computer can understand the data points. You can take it as a teacher feeding in the instructions so that the computer can easily understand the language.

This helps in predicting the input values with accuracy to obtain the output. Hence, a pattern must be clear to ensure reliability. You can say that it works well with the dependencies or model relationships. It is as an output value that is offered from new based data that is given by the previous datasets. Apart from labelled data, predictive modeling and classification problems, there is a different algorithm that falls under this category. One of them is extensively used as:

a. Linear regression

The well-known and most sued algorithm – linear regression – is widely used for a number of statistic purposes. Since the establishment of machine learning, it has become more popular. The best thing about this type of algorithm is that it is capable to compare assess the relationship between any two variables. Also, it is easy to analyse the impact when one single change is done in the system.

However, this algorithm is not much considered by big business tycoons. But for the start-ups, medium level or small businesses, it is similar to blessing in disguise. This is mainly used for the prediction of the team growth and forecasting revenue. For the purpose of prediction modelling, it is one of the best models to adopt that can minimize the risk of failure. On top of that, there is no requirement to put a dent on your pockets for it.

It is represented in the form of an equation that consists of a line that shows the relationship between an output variable (y) and the input variable (x). Here, the specific coefficient or Beta is used for the representation of the input variable.

b. Naive Bayes

This type of system is different from linear regression since it contains approximately millions of data in the set that can be a span. Hence, two main type of forms are used in this case:

  • Multinational Naïve Bayes – is used for the data is distributed in a multinomial way.
  • Gaussian Naïve Bayes – is used for the distribution that is done normally for the attribution of the continuous value.

This will best type of approach that is used for some of the high ranking work:

  • Google use this type of technique to filter out span data or website.
  • Google also used this algorithm technique for their optimization method. It helps in PageRank index that can easily categorize the whole document.
  • Facebook is also not far away since it is used for the sentiment analysis. In this, the status updates are accessed.

Apart from this, there are other algorithms that made this method important:

  • Nearest Neighbors
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Decision Tree

The method for all is almost the same with small differences.

c. Reinforcement Learning

This type of method depends on the environment interaction that helps in collecting relevant data. Hence, it becomes easy to come up with precise actions so that it is possible to minimize the risk rate and maximize the results accuracy. In this type of algorithm, an agent has used that track the atmosphere regularly in an iterative form. It is possible to learn small bits from the whole system until the results are obtained.

This type of machine learning algorithm is also a part of Artificial intelligence that helps in determining the behavior of an agent. The context is accurate to ensure that there is no risk and the performance of the system can be maximized. This system used the deep adversarial network. Temporal difference and Q-learning algorithms.

d. Semi-supervised learning

If we observe a supervised or unsupervised algorithm then you can understand that labels are used or not used while observing the whole system. However, in the semi-supervised environment, it is the part of both the systems. Due to human interference, the label cost is extremely high that made companies opt for the affordable form of this system.

There are many labels are absent from the majority of the part but few of them are still present. This made them a part of the semi-supervised system. Hence, it becomes an appropriate solution to the clients that can be used for building a model. In simple words, it won’t be wrong to say that even though the data in the labels is not known, it still contains some of the essential information. The whole dataset will be provided as per the parameter giving accurate results.

When it comes to the machine learning algorithm, there are so many possibilities that we can use as criteria. However, if see the bigger picture then machine learning task will set out which mode of the algorithm is ideal for them. We can’t expect any of the data set to be used and considered as ideal.

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