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4 Key Social Media Tips for Small Business

10 Secret Tips For Using Social Media For Small Businesses | Digipact Media

Social media has innovated the way people communicate with each other. It has added a virtual world that cuts across continents and oceans to interact with other people through the internet whether through an application or desktop website. Separation in the physical does not have to be separation anymore due to social media
Businesses have taken notice of the opportunities that social media offers and are exploring them to expand their brand reach. Several brands create content relevant for different platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and recently, TikTok. Social media provides a chance for businesses to reach more customers that generate more sales, leads and increased website traffic. Despite these opportunities, not all brands are equal on social media. Some fail, some succeed and some succeed exceptionally. These tips provide a great guide to ensure your brand is one of the successful ones. 

Set up a plan

Without a plan, you plan to fail, a wise man once said. Businesses need to know where they want to go, how they will get there and how to monitor and make sure they will get to their set goals. Some goals that businesses can use on social media is how many followers they would like to attract by a specific date, the amount of engagement they expect and how much website traffic they want to see within a month, quarter and year. You can also have goals specific to each platform, since they all have different audiences. Instagram, for example, has over 1 billion monthly active users in a range of demographics, and the whole point of the platform is to grow Instagram followers, which you can get a head start with by using a service like Growthsilo. Knowledge of the platform couples with the understanding of what your goals are, allows you to track what methods and content work best and use those to inform your future decisions. That will make your social media plan more laser-focused on what works rather than what does not. 

No hard-selling

Most users that use social media are usually there for entertainment and fun that helps distract them from their daily chores and activities. They are not there to have a brand product or service thrown down their throats. This is hard selling. It goes a long way when brands engage the human side of users by participating in the comments sections of interesting topics, sharing entertaining content such as challenges and participating in sharing user-generated content that may create an impression on their customers. Meeting users’ needs for entertainment could transform them into a customer.  

Simplify your content

The less complicated your content, the easier it will be to consume by users. The short attention span of most people on social media is there for content that gets the message across as fast as possible. Businesses do not necessarily have to reinvent the wheel but rather work with what they have such as content on what happens behind the scenes at their offices, employee highlights, and instructional videos on their products and educational content. Such content exposes the humanity of a brand that most consumers want to be able to identify with before spending their cash. 

Hashtags are the name of the game

Ever taken a journey to a new place you are not familiar with? On the way there, you turn on your GPS to guide you there safely. Similarly, hashtags are the GPS of social media. Hashtags gather content that is similar together and help users participate through commenting or participating in challenges that may be part of what the hashtag is about. Brands can also create their own unique hashtags that engage users with their brand but if that is too much work, observation for trendy hashtags to capitalise on is the alternative way to go at it. Analytics from hashtags will help your brand know what hashtags generated the most user engagement which you can use to guide your hashtag use going forward. 


Social media may not be every business’ cup of tea but with the way, it is opening new ways to engage customers. It is important to get up to speed with it. Some tips will make this process easier including using hashtags, avoiding hard selling, having a plan and making your content easy to understand. Users are attracted to content that looks to benefit them before the business so it should be entertaining and interactive to get them to feel comfortable with the brand which may lead to a purchase. 




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