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3 Positive Changes COVID-19 Is Forcing On To Businesses

COVID is forcing businesses to make faster decisions—yet most rely on outdated data - Agility PR Solutions
The pandemic has been so transformational that nobody has been left unimpacted. Every sector of the industry and every stratum of society has been affected by it. There is so much negativity attached to the social distancing norms mandated to curb the spread of COVID-19, that people have written it off as the worst thing to happen to humanity in decades.
What is not being recognized wholeheartedly is the good changes brought on by the pandemic. Since a lot of industries have taken massive losses and there has been a dramatic decline in the global economy, it won’t be wrong to say that the COVID-19 crisis has reshaped our entire future. But there is still a silver lining to all this.
In this article, we will highlight three positive changes forced on the business world by this crisis.

Digital transformation:

With the strict stay-at-home orders, businesses had to shift to remote work culture. Whether willingly or unwillingly, they had to turn to the use of digital tools to facilitate work from home. This has made them rethink processes and find more efficient ways to do things.
For instance, by automating the employee learning process with tools like an LMS businesses have ensured employees keep learning even in the midst of a pandemic. This has helped in keeping employee productivity high. Moreover, with tools like PerformancePro, managing employee learning enhancing employee engagement has become a cakewalk.
This digital transformation enforced by the pandemic showed a lot of business owners that it is possible to work remotely without losing any business revenue. In fact, by the amplification of the use of digital tools, businesses have realized that they are heavily benefitting from it and are planning to continue operating remotely even after the pandemic.

Change in perspective:

One of the greatest shifts that have come due to the pandemic is the shift in the perspective about how work should be carried out. Earlier managers used to be very stringent about how employees need to structure their day and how they need to accomplish a certain task. This led to employees feeling suffocated and undervalued.
Today, employers realize that not providing employees the autonomy to make their own calls is counter-productive. Since employees know their most productive hours and the kind of distractions they have to deal with every day, they are being trusted more in terms of making the right decisions to accomplish a given task.
Businesses no longer enforce employees to work a certain number of hours. Instead, they are focusing on the quality of work being produced. This has improved employee morale and made them feel more confident about their capabilities.

Focus on employee well-being:

For the longest time, businesses have considered valuing employee well-being as an option and not a necessity. In the current phase, it is no longer possible for employers to ignore their employee’s well-being as it will directly reflect on the quality and quantity of work they produce.
Employees are facing a lot of challenges since they have started working remotely, some of them being feeling depressed, no clarity from managers about work, distractions due to working with family, etc. This has led to employees feeling mentally exhausted and burnt out which is bound to affect their performance. 
This crisis has brought the topic of employee well-being to the forefront. It has led to managers realizing that they need to prioritize employee well-being which has made them put in efforts to make their employees feel supported. This is a much-need and a very welcome change brought on by the pandemic.
In conclusion, there is always a positive in every negative. We just need to look for it in the right place.




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