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3 levels of Artificial Intelligence

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AI is a rapidly evolving technology. It is taking control over almost all spheres in our life. Be it any industry or domain, AI has established its mark. Undoubtedly, AI technology is helping humans simplify their lives. Technology is playing a prominent role in leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Moreover, the use of AI is critically important for organizations that want to leverage benefits from large data sets. Doing so will help organizations optimize processes and produce valuable insights from it. The penetration of technology will help organizations uncover unlimited opportunities. Prediction of critical events and identification of unlawful acts will substantially come under scrutiny, thereby, providing common masses an enhanced level of security. 

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technology that involves simulating human intelligence through machines. The machines trained to exhibit AI are capable of learning, reasoning, and inculcating improvement by self. With the significant increase in data diversity, processing speed and size, demand for AI has grown tremendously. The technology is competent enough to carry out various tasks involving pattern recognition from data to generate valuable insights for the businesses. 

AI can be characterized by the following ways:

– Great capability to imitate human characteristics.
– Optimal decision making
– Effective problem solving
– Language understanding
– Drawing inferences from complex situations
– Perception analysis

Furthermore, based on the level of intelligence exhibited by a machine AI can be categorized into three different levels. As per the theoretical aspects, AI is categorized into the following levels:

1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)
2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
3. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

Artificial Narrow intelligence is also referred to as weak AI. These are the AI-based systems trained for performing a single narrow task. These machines have narrow capabilities restricted to certain specific tasks. These are the exclusive AI-based solutions available today. Most of the machines currently work on Narrow AI. Chatbots and virtual assistants are all based on machine intelligence with natural language processing capabilities (NLP). By recognizing human speech these machines are trained to converse with human beings using a natural and a personalized way. 

Narrow AI machines are today being used for diagnosing cancer and treating other related illnesses. These machines have precision and cognition similar to that of humans and are able to accord medical professionals an improved accuracy. 


– Machines for Speech Recognition
– Machines that only work on voice commands to perform certain actions, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana. 

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) machines exhibit generalized cognitive abilities of human beings. This type of AI is competent enough to work like humans. Currently, AGI is still at a nascent stage. Apart from exhibiting human-like capabilities, these machines will be far better when it comes to intensive calculations. Combining human intelligence along with advantages that machines have over humans, AGI will be able to serve the perfect purpose. However, the technology will take time to arrive as these machines would be based on human brain functionality which is yet to be studied comprehensively. Moreover, the capabilities of AGI systems would be boosted to a level beyond human abilities so that they become competent to process data at an incredible speed.

Some of the properties of AGI machines include:

– Recall
– Hypothesis testing
– Imagination
– Analogy
– Implication

Well, some believe that replicating human brain function is likely to bring disastrous consequences. 


– AlphaGo, a computer program for playing board game Go. The intelligence of this machine can be extended to be applied to other fields. 

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) commonly known as super-intelligence is a thing of the future. Currently, it is a hypothetical concept believed to surpass human intelligence. ASI technology is likely to remove the distinction between human intelligence and machines. ASI machines will be able to perform extraordinary things that only humans are capable of. They will be competent in decision making, art, and even emotional relationships. In fact, ASI machines will surpass the level of intelligence shown by human beings. However, some believe that humans have not yet achieved proficiency in emotional relationships and effective decision making. Thus, it can be said that in the next few years artificial super intelligence will excel in areas where humans have become unsuccessful. 

AI and the Future

AI is all set to reform the world. Within a few years, we will be able to see transformations across various segments. And these transformations would be at such a huge scale that we might have not even imagined them. 

– Transportation: The transportation industry would be impacted immensely. Within a decade or so we would be able to see autonomous cars on roads. Moreover, the days are not far autonomous would ferry us. 

Manufacturing: In manufacturing AI-based robots would work alongside humans to perform tasks like stacking and assembling. Moreover, the predictive sensors embedded in robots would aid in the smooth operation of machines. 

Healthcare: AI in healthcare will bring appreciable reformations. It will help in the diagnosis of diseases easier. The associated drug discovery will speed up. Virtual nursing assistants will support monitoring patients more effectively and the applications of big data will help in personalizing medical care experience. 

Education: Digitization through AI in education has been a widely appreciated move. Furthermore, with technology virtual tutors can be made to support human teachers. And with the help of facial analysis and emotions, students can be identified who are struggling to understand or getting bored. Doing so will help to alter teaching methods and aligning them along with the preferences of students. 

– Media: AI is making its way through media and Journalism as well. The international news agency Bloomberg employs Cyborg technology for comprehending complex financial reports. Moreover, the associated Press derives insights using natural language processing to draft 3700 report stories annually. This figure is almost four times the previous record.

Customer Service: Many technology companies are working on incorporating AI into customer service. The multinational giant, Google is working on enhancing its virtual assistant’s features so that it can make human-like calls. Such as booking an appointment at the nearby salon or any similar activity. 

With tech giants spending a whopping amount on AI, many conglomerates shifting towards introducing AI products and services, and many big universities making it a prominent part of the curriculum there is a lot to happen. While some of the developments are already on the way to be realized. All developments in the AI arena are disruptive, either for betterment or something worse; amidst all this, the fact is clear that the developments in technology aren’t going to stop. 

Today, AI has gifted us with numerous possibilities. Its integration in machines has made them more capable than human beings. However, right now, predicting how long the AI will take to gain human-like cognitive abilities is quite tough. As technology continues to evolve the day is not far when AI will surpass the intelligence of the brightest mind on the globe. While there is no exact answer for how long this technology will continue to advance, it seems obvious that it will become an essential part of our lives. We would be using it without even realizing. 




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