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3 Benefits of Business Software for Your Organization

From apps that track our sleep to programmes for productivity, it seems that business software has transformed every aspect of our lives. But while it’s certainly changed the way we spend our free time, it’s arguably in the world of work that software has become truly indispensable.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the top three benefits that software can bring to your business. Whether it’s facilitating MRP in the manufacturing industry (find an MRP definition here) or helping the NHS go paperless, it can be all too easy to take software for granted. Without it, however, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the things we do on the same scale.

1.  Automation Reduces the Risk of Human Error

When was the last time you re-read a document only to realise that you’d handed it in with a typo? Mistakes at work can range from the small and annoying to the catastrophic. Back in April 2018, TSB Bank hit the headlines after an IT failure locked almost 2 million customers out of their online accounts for weeks. The outage cost the bank around £330 million in compensation, fraud losses, expenses, and lost customers – with an investigation ultimately discovering that the incident was the result of human error.

Automated software, whether it’s to create payrolls or test your website, is the best way to protect your business. Simple mistakes can soon become costly (not to mention time-consuming to fix), so implementing software that can automate various processes for you can be an excellent investment.

2.  Software Protects Your Property

Having stacks of paper documents in the workplace isn’t just a waste of resources. It can also seriously endanger your business’s assets. Whether it’s an important contract, a new report, or even a file of your employee’s contact details, paper copies can be incredibly vulnerable to loss and damage. Flooding or fire could wipe out your company’s most crucial information in a matter of hours – while somebody could simply throw a piece of paper away by accident.  

Thankfully, cloud-based software is making this worry a thing of the past. By storing vital documents in the virtual cloud, today’s businesses are able to back-up their most important information and protect them from physical damage.

3.  Software Can Cut Costs

How often have you felt the need to outsource work? Whether it’s an accountant to sort out your taxes or a proof-reader to check over the homepage of your site, the cost of hiring external employees can really add up over time. By investing in smart software instead, businesses are able to keep costs low by keeping processes in-house.

Tools such as QuickBooks Online, which are often targeted at small businesses with little-to-no outsourcing budget, make it easier than ever for companies to tackle specialist business processes themselves. Whether it’s accounting software that can automate invoices or even a beginner-friendly app that can help you build a website, these programmes enable business owners to manage more aspects of their company without having to recruit extra staff.

From automating invoices to protecting your IP, it’s no secret that software has revolutionised the world of work.  


Imran Hanif Chaudhry


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