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5 Ways: How Big Data, AI and ML can Improve Customer Experience?

Is Customer experience the new battleground? Know how artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data can help you improve customer experience.

Bringing Analytics in Design: 7 Novel Ways of Using Big Data in Fashion

How big data in fashion can predict trends, purchases, influence and market potential. Know the 7 ways of using big data in the fashion and retail merchandising

10 Things to Know About Chatbots in Travel – Benefits & Uses of TravelBots

3 ways in which you can try travel bots and 7 benefits of using chatbots in travel and hospitality industry. Know how Expedia & Skyscanner are using travelbots.

NewGenApps Tech News- Amazon mocks Apple, Windows 8, Nexus 7

Amazon mocks Apple, Windows 8, Nexus 7. For technical news updates visit NegGenApp’s blogpost or suscribe it.

Customer Experience in the Age of Millennials

Customer Experience in the Age of Millennials

The millennial generation, or Gen Y, are younger but influential consumers. Improve customer experience because, their purchase power rivals other generations.

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