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13 Amazing Tricks that Boost App Performance in a Jiffy

Mobile app marketers can easily link between their investments, efforts and the performance of their mobile app. But they cannot conclude how these links play an important role in defining their business growth effectively. It is a well-known fact that the app that engages users will definitely get popular and will keep the users interested in the longer run. The other benefits we get from them include better ratings, positive reviews in the play store app. Let’s see how to boost your app performance to achieve the desired statistics.

There was a time when apps were introduced into our lives. Mobile marketing was still in its beginning phase almost a decade ago. But hold on! Now the times have changed. Research from Flurry indicates that 25% of the users will use the app only once after installing it. Nearly 50% of users will uninstall the app in a period of 3 months.

Come-on now thinks as a user, rather as an app developer. Think how you want your app to be. Will you vouch for an app which is complicated, time-consuming and drains out your phone’s battery? You know you won’t. Right? Now, think from user’s perspective and improve their app experience.

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So here we are bringing some amazing ways you can boost up your app’s performance and make it loved by the end users.

1. Testing:

First up, test your app thoroughly before it goes to the play store. Offer  the beta version of your app to users and ask for suggestions. Plus even the users feel privileged to be the beta tester of the app.This way, you can make sure you are on the right track.

2. Be Mobile friendly:

Make your mobile app mobile friendly. There are several differences between your mobile version and PC version of your app. Optimize your mobile version well with a skilled set of developers and designers. This way, people won’t complain of being unable to scroll through or that their phone hangs several times in the middle of using their app.

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3. Focus on the user experience:

Users nowadays do not expect much on app features. They expect on personalized app experience. Keeping them engaged with push notifications that offers a productive support is a must.Remember, convincing users to download your app is quite a challenge but let lose their engagement drastically is quite an easy part. So take your steps carefully.

4. Be user-friendly:

It is absolutely vital to make the logging in part easier for your user. Steps for creating an account and membership must be swift and simpler. Offer a simplified dashboard to the users so that they do not get miffed while following the step by step process of creating an account.

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5. Offer Social logins:

With social being a super easy way to connect offer social login capability to your end users. Well, The best trick would be to enable easy login using Facebook or Google connect. This way, all users need is a Facebook or a Google account to login into your mobile app. They don’t need to go through the sign-up process which is rather complicated.

But make sure that the entire process is highly secure as these platforms lookout for a list of permissions from the end users. Also be evident that you have included at least 2 platforms instead of 1. Even if your user doesn’t use Facebook, they can log into their Google account and use your app. Mostly, Google and Facebook would contain most of the user information which you will need for analyzing or engaging the user on your mobile app platform.

6. Offer social connect:

Channel your app to important social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This way, users can engage themselves with not only the app but with all other social media platforms. Create a Facebook and twitter forum to encourage users to voice out their opinions on the updates, features, and benefits. This will actually turn out to be a game changer and will take the user engagement level to a whole new level.

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7. Being crisp is the ultimate drill:

Mobile app development, marketing, and user engagement is a concern for almost all the nations. Mobile marketing association’s German Local Council is thriving to increase the growth and development of mobile marketing and other such technologies to many folds.

Experts say that using in-app messaging services to engage active members of your mobile app and to carry out the in-app purchases will be very effective in boosting your mobile app performance.  They also suggest that users must not be overloaded with information, which may or may not satiate their requirements. In case you want to engage your app users on info regarding how to use the app, you can create a clear and quick tutorial which covers all the benefits on the go. Yes! Never forget to add the benefits of your app on your tutorial. Include posts like photos, videos, animations and other fun-filled stuff to engage your users within the app.

8. Keep the excitement on:

Organizing new contests, challenges and offers get the users never bored of using your app. Seasonal offers super-trendy on any app. You can either give them discounts on your products or pick out a winner through contests and reward them. Make sure that the offer is exciting enough for the user and also accounts for the overall profitability of the app.

9. Be aware of the target audience:

The most quintessential way of engaging the app users is to optimize your app on grounds of geographic location. You can easily track where your users are mainly from, using different tools. Focus on the target demographics.

Engage them with offers and contests, based on their vicinity. This will personalize the app usage to a great extent. Also, there can be separate forums for users from different geographical locations. This way, you can easily engage users geographically.

10. Being Fundamental is the key:

Avoid complicated functions. Use single tap functions and your features must not be less than 4 taps. This way, users will never feel intimidated by using your app. Make your app user-friendly and simpler to use. Don’t let your users struggle with your features.

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11. Stick to the specific vertical:

Do not dump information on users other than their industry verticals. Be industry specific. Do not dump your users with information other than their specific industry requirements. If it’s an app on automobile platform, then refrain from talking about pastries, unless you collaborate with a pastry platform for a special deal or an offer.

12. Make your marketing emotive:

Spend time on your promotion campaigns; as much as you spend time on your mobile app. Marketing campaigns have changed immensely in recent times. Nowadays, they don’t just end with “Buy 1 Get 1 free”. There are more innovative campaigns like making YouTube videos on social awareness messages, a single line tweet that will add value to your brand and so on. Choose the campaign that fits your need and will have a bigger impact on your brand. Brand building is much needed for mobile app marketing. It will help you gain good traffic.

13. Balance out your free and paid features:

You have found a potential user. They are very much interested in your app and find an amazing feature which thrills them. They discover while they opened your app with a single click it requires an in-app purchase. Not all users can afford to get into the in-app purchases. Don’t force in-app purchases on all features you offer. It might frustrate a regular user, who will not be able to use the feature even on a trial basis.  At least, include a free trial feature. Or, they should be able to use the feature freely for at least 5 times. This will keep users excited to try out the new feature. And you never know, some users will even be more than willing to pay for it.

To keep an app trending, it actually takes a team effort and patience in building that perfect app that not only lets the user has a good time but also engages him in a different way.  A good mobile app is the one which is created from the user perspective. Hope you found this piece of information effective enough to work wonders to the new app you working on.

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