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10 ways to grow your eCommerce business on social media

Social media platform and eCommerce are the latest buzzes of the industries. These are the trending sectors that are becoming extremely popular with passing time. However, now it is not enough to be on social media with a lot of followers for eCommerce websites. The competition is growing at a fast pace that is making it difficult for eCommerce websites to attract an audience. In such a scenario, there are number of ways on which the business will be back on track. So, don’t think much and get started with the easiest tips.

1. Shine like a star!

The social media network is the topmost choice of today’s generation. Since, the maximum population is always on the social media, hence, it is a great chance for you to gain more than half of your leads from it. If you are worried about making a strong social media presence then it is not a difficult task. All you need to do is put in some efforts and see where it will lead you then. You can start by putting up strong content and reaching out to the target audience.

2. Enthusiastic customers

There is so many online business social media account that is earning 90 per cent of their income through social media only. They are simply posting off their products, use the right hashtag and add on some exciting offer (occasionally) and made a sale. Now, there is no need to invest 100 dollars for marketing of a product, all you need is a social media account with a good amount of followers and then you are good to go. if you think that it is a good idea then add some discounts to it.

3. Compelling content

People don’t actually know the power of the right content. They feel and believe that it is not a big deal. However, if you are a social media fanatic then you understand the value of right content. You need to make sure that your content – text, image or video – is of good quality that has the power to attract an audience and gain a lot of popularity. In addition to this, you need to understand the true worth of your product, if the same product is available at another account, then it is possible that a customer might skip. So, be careful.

4. Social listening

Many business owners might not be aware of the listing but it is the monitoring technique of the social media. It is done on the basis of how much did the conversation rate had gone up to. There are number of tools that are used to for the getting the listing details. Even Google provides the service of alerts that can show help an eCommerce website to stay at the top of their industry game. Another factor is a social listening strategy. In this, you need to pay close attention to your customers to see your total number of views and attention.

5. Chat with your audience

The most important factor to even have a social media account is to have a healthy and secure discussion with your audience. It is a platform that gives you a chance to engage with your potential customer and to understand several points that might be a downfall for your business. You can host on live social media chats with your customers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, there is an option of on Instagram “ask me anything” which can be used to have a chatting time with your customer. This will keep you in touch with your leads and see how you are doing on social media.

6. Be season-oriented

Whether you are on social media or not, you need to understand that a woolen sweater that is specially manufactured for winter has no value for summer. Similarly, you need to be very much specific to the season before getting the best deals. You can target holidays, important events, and conference times, and so on to get your promotional strategy in line. The best time to convert your lead is during the seasonal events since there are potential buyers ready to jump on the best sale.

7. Micro-content

Unless it is a story that is actually interesting, the customer won’t read a content that is more than 50 words. They will simply start from the first word and if you are not able to hold their attention for 5 seconds then here goes your sale. The content that you are using must be short and crisp in such a way that your core message is delivered to the client and they are content with the outcome. Simply, add a few words about the product, their rate and features and then you are good to go. This will work unless you are selling of the Picasso collection.

8. Let them share

If you are trying to run an eCommerce business then make sure that your share button is on. If you are not allowing a customer to share some offer or details about a product on social media then you will stay limited to a number of people. In case, you are aiming for popularity, you need to let them share it which will make your post available for their friend’s list as well. It is possible that some of them will approach you and even buy a product.

9. Trending topics

Let us say that in the digital era of a smartphone if you are trying to sell off a keypad phone then it is not going to work at all. You need to make sure that you are following the trend in order to attract a maximum audience. This can be done by posting the content that is related to the trend such as latest fashion revolution, technology advancement and so on. You need to focus on the product that is sold by you and keep a track of ongoing trends to match them up together. This will help you to post a content that is related to the trend but has the potential to make a sale.

10. The #hashtag game

The hashtag has become the most essential part of the social media world. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it is making it possible for people to reach out to the similar post with same hashtag. This has doubled the lead generation and make people get involved in ongoing discussion. However, each social media account have its own set of hashtag ground rules. For instance, Instagram works best with more than ten hashtags while Twitter is more than fine with only a single tag. Whereas with Facebook, it will work amazingly well without even a single hashtag.

All you need to do is to be as creative as you can be. The creative and curating content has the power to effectively attract the audience. Social media more about marketing your brand or making a name. It is all about understanding your customer and engaging with them in such a way that helps in earning their loyalty. Hence, in the social media fake world where people are not bothered much, it is important to have some real connection.




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