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10 steps to create the best Augmented technology solutions

Augmented Technology has to be the booming topic for a few years now. If anything, the excitement among customer and users have only increased. The taste of this kind of technology via Pokémon Go has enhanced the craze of the audience. Now, they are waiting for a single touch of such technology and that will be the end to them. However, it is not that simple. It will make you sweat and tear before coming up to life. In such a situation, it is better to look out for the best possible solutions that are offered by many solutions.

There is no doubt that augments reality can help to kick-start the business in a new way. However, it must be done in the right way to ensure a profit. The topmost thing to understand is that you don’t have to jump into it just because everyone is doing so. You need to analyze all the business and customer related points before fixing on a single thing.Before moving further keep these tips in mind:

  • Come up with a better Augmented Reality project idea.
  • Be very sure about the planning and pitching before looking out for the solution provider.
  • Don’t simply jump into bandwagon since it is more to it.

If and only if, AR is done right, i.e.., create interactive, effective, and promotional and user-friendly product, will it be helpful to everyone. Otherwise, it is of no use since the customer will lose their interest. So, before jumping to solution phase, make sure that you are following these essential steps that can help you to guarantee business growth.

1. Do your homework

It might be tempting to simply jump in the augmented world and explore all your options. But no matter how tempted it might be, you will end up in trouble with it. AR is a technology that can be used simply to jump on the bandwagon. There is no need for Pokémon Go all over again. So, be very careful about what your customers are looking for and what your own expectation is. Then, come up with a solution that can be a middle way to both the problems. Now is the time to come up with some potential alternatives that can help you to go beyond your limitations.

2. Simple and forthright concept

Customers or Users love anything that is easy to operate but is full of features. It helps in attracting them to the product. You need a solution that can actually help in hooking your audience to their seats and tying them to it without using a rope. A simple amplified solution is all your customer requirements. It will grab their attention at a fast pace than any of the explained process. There is no need to be loud-mouthed to get the work done. You can let your augmented reality work talk for you.

3. Take advantage of it

Augmented Technology is such an immense subject with a number of benefits that can help you to achieve the desired work. With the best possible solution, just imagine where you can reach. You need to steer clear of being gimmicky. Fun and usefulness can actually shake hands together and walk a long distance. An AR is a system that helps in integrating technology as per the experience of a user to make it convenient and fun.

4. Brand image

If your brand is promising a customer free offers then make sure that you are fulfilling it. Your brand is your first priority to ensure that a customer is satisfied with services. Your solution provider must be aware of it otherwise things can go downhill for both of you. Make sure that they know what your brand is all about. Also, they must fulfill the characteristics of your brand to ensure productivity.

5. Context and location

If you are making an application with all the features that require internet but you are launching it in a location with zero to no network. What do you think will be the outcome to all of it? You will end up with losing customers and disappointing potential clients. This will have a direct threat to your engagement with your customer and will deteriorate your business image.

6. Call to actions

There is always an ‘Aha!’ moment for a customer irrespective of a type of technology that you deal in. in such a situation, you need to make sure that you are giving them proper instructions to follow so that customer is not stuck somewhere. They must have a clear idea about the task at hand and the proper line of action to follow. Be a proper guide for your users if you want them to stay.

7. Track the records

Records hold the power to make half of the decision for you. If you are stuck anywhere, go for the data. You can always look out for the past record of the solution providing companies that can give you some better results. The user interaction, viewing experience, shares, total time spent, and even monetization are essential count in point while trying to come up with a solution.

8. Exploration

When you plan to pay a visit to a different country, say Australia, then you won’t simply go and check out the thing there. You will do a search about hotels, locations, cuisine, top tourist spot, etc. Similarly, you must see all the options and weigh them out as per the accuracy to it. They are no read to wander around aimlessly. Make sure to opt for the best solution out of the given option to get the better one in hand.

9. Entertainment and Information

A thing that covers both – information and entertainment- will go a long way out. A simple informative or just entertainment will not do you much good. Hence, it is better to go for someone that can give you both the things hand in hand. It might seem difficult but it is actually an easy option to get to the end of things that are bugging you. You can discuss the points can come up with such a solution that can be beneficial for you augmented technology product.

10. Experience test

You need to make sure that the users are understanding the concept of an application in augmenting technology. You can’t expect users to catch Pokémon on their own without knowing how to throw a ball. A proper test can actually give your provider an idea of how to make it better. Also, it will help them to resonate with the customer easily.




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