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How beacon technology will enhance productivity

Mar 27, 2020 8:57:33 PM

Beacons are small, wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth low-energy technology to send signals to other nearby smart devices. They are one of the latest developments in proximity marketing and location technology. Simply put, they attach and transmit information to smart devices and make location-based search and interaction simpler and more accurate.

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Using IoT to improve worker safety

Mar 24, 2020 7:25:00 PM

Thanks to cheaper methods of manufacturing hardware and the rise of wireless networks, it's now possible to turn anything—from small units to giant aeroplanes—into a part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT, in the most basic sense, refers to the billions of electronic devices that are connected to a large network. And they can function with minimal human intervention.

Though IoT has many uses, one of its bigger roles is creating safer workplaces. With so many workplace hazards to think about, be it electronic malfunctions, human error, or biochemical reactions, such solutions have become extremely useful.

Here are some ways that the IoT is helping to create safer workplaces around the world.

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How healthcare professionals can gain from intelligent wearables

Mar 17, 2020 7:26:00 PM

Wearable technology has gone from being non-existent to everywhere in only a few short years. Because of this unexpected acceptance surge, wearables have the ability, for better or worse, to change our lives and culture. As they are so new, it is hard to tell what effects they are going to have but we can speculate based on our current knowledge. Wearable devices also sparked a modern type of human–computer engagement with the rapid development of ICT. Its system enables user's accessibility and communication so they can easily access online knowledge and collaborate quickly when traveling with others.

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IoT implementations that will alter the business world

Mar 5, 2020 6:10:00 PM

The Internet of Things, or IoT, applies to the billions of physical devices globally that are now connected to the internet, all of which store and share data. Due to the advent of super-cheap computer processors and the omnipresence of wireless networks, anything can be converted into part of the IoT, from something as tiny as a pill to something as large as an airliner. Systems and artifacts with built-in sensors are linked to an Internet of Things network, which incorporates data from the various devices and utilizes algorithms to exchange the most valuable information with apps designed to address specific needs.

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Possible IoT solutions coming up in 2020

Feb 25, 2020 7:28:00 PM

The Internet of things is trending in the market and many people are talking about it. On almost everything the Internet of things has a huge impact and we can’t ignore it. Before talking about different IoT implementation in the coming year, let us tell you a brief about this booming technology that changes the world. Physical objects like vehicles, buildings and other things which are connected electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity. The Internet of things is the network which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. 

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Topics: technology trends, Internet of Things,, IoT, IoT app

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