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Three types of content your business should be generating

Dec 4, 2019 7:50:00 PM

In the digital landscape, the one thing that connects ops, marketing, employee retention, customer education and acquisition is content. No wonder, content has emerged as the king of the digital marketing game.

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Topics: technology trends, content management

Sales automation: trending automated sales activities

Oct 1, 2019 7:35:00 PM

Sales teams do a lot of activities, from discovery calls, prospecting to detailed engagement with appropriate prospects, to pipeline and performance administration. A solution to achieving this is to invest time reflecting on what’s evolving in technology, trends, regulations, and business, and how will this be influencing possibilities for sales presently as well as in the future.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, content management, Sales, Sales automation, Marketing automation

Delegating to machines: Content Marketing tasks to automate in 2019-2020

Sep 21, 2019 7:45:00 PM

With the growing importance of content marketing for successful sales and business development, its quality is a matter of the most significant concern. Every new text posted online is under serious threat of going into oblivion if it is not following all necessary content marketing criteria.

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Topics: content management, Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Automation, Sales automation, Marketing automation

How blog content can automate your sales

Sep 9, 2019 7:30:00 PM

Content marketing is the way toward making and distributing significant, applicable and reliable content to pull in and secure a distinctly defined visitors, and at last drive productive client activity. Blog marketing is an approach to communicate with prospects without selling directly. It engages prospects pre, during or post communications with business people.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, content management, Sales, Sales automation

How to write attractive content for your website

Aug 30, 2019 7:45:00 PM

The World Wide Web is a crowded space. As of January 2019, there were 1.4 billion websites and 4.39 billion internet users globally. Google reports that 63,000 searches come in every second. This translates to 350,000 searches per minute

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Topics: content management, Content Management System, websites

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