iOS 13 and iPadOS Apps (2)

How to make your app go viral

Oct 21, 2019 7:40:00 PM

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10 steps to ensure your iOS app is approved

Aug 7, 2018 6:00:00 PM

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5 Reasons: Why to Upgrade Apps for iOS 11

Sep 15, 2017 5:34:23 PM

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5 Major Changes in the iOS 11 App Store to Boost App Discoverability

Sep 12, 2017 11:30:00 PM

This time iOS 11 is coming with new innovations and features. Upgrades no one thought would come in such a small time frame. Whether it’s the ARKit that has added tremendous capabilities in app development or the new App Store that will potentially boost app discoverability and build a platform where new apps can compete net in net with leading ones. The iOS 11 has opened gates to new opportunities. But like every other opportunity, the benefit goes to those who are actually aware of it, at the right time. Whether you want to develop a new app or want to work on your existing applications, you need to optimize it for discovery. Without discovery, you won’t reach anywhere with your app. But to optimize for discovery you need to know where to optimize. Thankfully we have got that covered. In this article, you will know what are the major changes in the new iOS 11 App Store and where to optimize for better app discovery.

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How to save your apps from App Store rejection

Apr 24, 2017 5:11:46 PM

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