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5 reasons: Why Startups should consider Cloud Computing

5 reasons: Why Startups should consider Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?


Cloud computing is the use of hardware and software services over the internet. These services include software, servers, storage, etc. The way cloud computing works is similar to any utility service like electricity, you pay only for what you consume. The reason why this system is so popular is that it is beneficial for startups, midsize as well as large organizations. Startups are able to easily leverage cloud computing because of the number of benefits it provides.

5 Reasons why Startups should consider Cloud Computing:

Ease of Use

Cloud computing is relatively easy when it comes to developing an app, deploying it, scaling development, and almost every other thing. It is designed in such a way to provide ease of use to businesses. Unlike typical hosting services you can start with a small budget in the cloud and pay as you increase your resources.

Minimal Investment


One of the biggest problems in a startup is the lack of money. You have limited capital resources and you need to invest it wisely. What do you think would be a better investment? Investing in human resources like developers, HR, marketing etc or investing in core hardware. Both are equally important - without competent hardware how are you going to use your developer’s potential and without developers what are you going to with your hardware. Cloud computing makes this choice easy. You only need to invest in capable human resources and hardware is taken care off by the cloud. You get a scalable platform which you can use as per your need.


Suppose you start a website and you get 100 visitors a day. Soon you start writing good content and now you are getting 500 visitors a day. You are having a great start, one day, you write a viral content and you got 10000 visitors a day. Your customers are happy, you are getting good publicity and you are succeeding but then your server stops. It crashes because of overuse of bandwidth and now your customers are leaving unhappy, you are losing credibility and you need to get more bandwidth and manage more servers. Sounds like a BIG trouble right? Well, not with the cloud.

With cloud computing, you can scale your resources when need spikes and go back when you need to. This way you only pay what you use and enjoy scalability as well.


Cloud computing has something for every need. First of all, you have a choice between Software as a Service(SaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS). Then you go a level ahead and choose between various service providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, Heroku and much more. With each provider giving a customized set of services you will always find your fit. Such capable and customized on-demand service offerings make cloud computing a good choice for startups.

Undivided attention

For any company whether startup or MNC it is important to focus on core job. If you have a great idea and want to cap it, then worrying about underlying infrastructure or platform should be your last priority. Cloud computing takes care of the underlying framework and lets you work seamlessly and at scale.

Do you know over 3 million companies have moved to Cloud? So, are you still using traditional infrastructure. If yes, then it is time to move on. We at NewGenApps specialize in offering cloud computing solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

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