Meet the Cognitive Complement of NewGenApps: Intelligense™

Intelligense™ is the proprietary platform by NewGenApps which provides intelligent computing services and IT Solutions to bring innovative technologies to businesses.

What Intelligense™ we provide

Robotic Process Automation

If something is a routine then why not give to machines? Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we automate your routine tasks so that you can focus on complex activities. This can help businesses save the costs previously spent on handling nominal activities.


Using natural language processing (a science that helps computers understand human conversations) we have successfully stimulated human conversations with chatbots. Using the Intelligense™ Chatbots you can finally give your customers the personalized communication they always longed for.

Cloud Computing

With cloud computing, you enjoy unlimited computing power without spending a dime on in-house infrastructure. Cloud computing has empowered businesses with the infrastructure which otherwise would cost a fortune. At Intelligense™ we decipher the complexities of cloud so that you can enjoy scalable computing power on the go.

Big Data Analytics

With Intelligense™ we bridge the gap between the data available to you and the insights you need. Though Big Data is now a buzzword, there is still a lack of clarity on its usage. Here we study businesses’ data to give insights that were previously beyond their reach.

Machine Learning

Automating the routine is our specialty and with Intelligense™ we aim to bring that for you. With machine learning we create algorithms that can learn by themselves and undertake tasks that should be handled by computers thus, giving you time for more important activities.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about giving computers the power to think and learn. Our team of experienced developers can create intelligent solutions that can transform your business. With AI you can finally make computers perform work which would otherwise require a lot of human effort.


Internet of Things (IoT) refers to connecting physical non-IT devices with sensors to allow them to be remotely monitored and controlled. Whether it is a smart home or office we can connect all your devices, making smart controlling a reality.

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