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5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your WordPress Blog

If you’re having trouble with low traffic on your WordPress blog, or you’re just starting out, you’ll love our actionable guide for increasing traffic. We’re sure you already know that content is king and how important it is to include visual elements in your blogs, so let’s focus on tried and tested tips that will bring in real results. 

We’ll answer your questions on what entices people to your site, how to find your target audience and what external factors you need to consider in order to drive traffic. 

SEO is your friend

SEO is the process of making your website more search engine friendly. No matter how informative and fun your site is, if it’s not optimized, it will not show up on people’s searches. There are steps you can take on your own, without needing to hire a professional. 

Make sure your URLs are customized and tell the story of the landing page. Your blogs should be easy to read, have eye-catching headlines and great photos. Use keyword research tools to figure out the topics people are searching for and write content accordingly. 

Optimize your visual content as well. Make sure your photos are sized according to your design, have titles, captions and alt texts filled in. Whenever possible, use original photographs and visuals. It will give your site a more professional look and you can align your visuals to your site design. 

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Once you create an SEO strategy, make sure to put the focus on the speed of your site as well. A beautifully designed WordPress site that doesn’t lag and offers valuable information is the end goal here. 

Create valuable content

Of course, you want to talk about how amazing your brand, products and services are. No one is doubting your excitement about new launches or telling you to minimize the greatness of your products and services. 

However, if your content is exclusively promotional, you’re not giving your audience a reason to click on your site. Instead of creating empty content, write blogs that offer value and actually help your audience. 

Every time you create a new product, instead of just introducing it to your audience, write blogs that help them understand how to use it, combine it with other products and achieve their long term goals with it. 

You’re not selling them your product, you’re selling a certain lifestyle, business goals, providing people with more time for themselves and such. So next time you start to write a blog, think about what people want to read about. 

After all, that’s how most visitors will find your site, Googling for a solution to their problem. Don’t underestimate the power of tutorials and how-tos. Make a list of blog ideas and keep to a periodical publishing schedule. 

Most of these blogs will be evergreen, so put the quality of your content in the focus. Other types of content will have an expiration date, so you can play around with style and references.

While you’re writing, make sure to keep the content relatable and easy to read. Your audience won’t be on the same level of expertise as you are so make sure to create understandable content that helps them solve an issue instead of leaving them confused. 

A great way to keep your content engaging is to use the Inverted Pyramid style of writing. See here some examples of the inverted pyramid style of writing, create more compelling articles using this method. 

Internal linking VS backlinks

When you’re writing blogs, it’s imperative that you link to other blogs on your site. It will help in your SEO efforts since internal links help Google understand the relationship between the linked articles on your site. 

Linked articles also help you reduce your bounce rate since it invites people to stay on your site. Other than internal linking, you should also work on creating a rich web of backlinks. They are very influential to Google’s rankings and give your site authority amongst your audience. 

Take advantage of social media

Social media is a great way to spread brand awareness, promote your product and services and create a loyal customer base. It’s also a great way to direct people to your site. Share your blogs and other content on social media but make sure to follow the 80-20 rule. 

It means that 80% of your social media posts should be educational and funny, while only 20% should be promotional. If you’re using social media just to promote your brand, you’re not giving people enough reasons to follow you. 

For the posts that centre around your products and services, make sure to include a link to the specific landing page. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Analytics will give you a better understanding of your target audience and if you decide to invest in social media campaigns, you’ll know exactly who to target.

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If you’re using more than one social media platform, please don’t share the same type of content. That won’t give your audience the incentive to follow you on more platforms and will give off a lazy vibe. 

Invite guest bloggers 

A great way of promoting your brand and driving visitors to your site is to invite guest bloggers to create content for your site. This will give your site fresh content written from a different perspective and will give you a surge of visitors, once their audience finds out. 

Make sure to pick writers who have a unique voice and can share their experience with your products or services. You can go for someone you wouldn’t consider to be close to your target audience in order to broaden your reach. 

You can always ask for a blog back so that you can write a blog for their site and reach their audience. If you do this on a month to month basis, you’ll soon have a nice stream of visitors from all over. 

Once you get a hang out of it, create a list of rules and publish them on your site along with a signup form for promising writers and bloggers to fill out. 


Your WordPress site should be constantly worked on if you want it to grow. Invest your time in finding the best resources, themes, writers and keywords for your blog. Once you start implementing our tips, you’ll see a positive result, but keep in mind that this is an ongoing process. 

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