Internet of Things (IoT)

Controlling everything...

Evolutions in mobility and cloud have spurred developments in the IoT. Embedded systems and sensors have been around for some time, as have business intelligence and analytics. But this evolution which is at the crossroads of cloud, mobile, data/analytics and embedded sensors, is now allowing the industry to go to the next level with IoT.


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Our Expertise

NewGenApps is well equipped to help customer in their journey of evolution on multiple fronts. AWS IoT is key to support IoT as it also has the ability to provide compute/storage, which is ideal for data/analytics.On top of it, our capability in Mobile & Web apps help you achieve your business goals.

We invest in our talent pool by attending workshops and keep ourselves up-to-date with the advances in the IoT development platforms. Our team has recently attended AWS Reinvent 2015 held at Las Vegas and attended partner bootcamps & several other technical sessions.

With our expert team of consultants and developers, we make sure that you get the competence and the skills that you need for successful completion of your project.