Big Data Analytics

Newgenapps provides advanced Big Data and analytics solutions. We provide Big data platform as a service, to provide instant key insights on operations, customers, and products. We do predictive analysis, real time dashboards, master data management and much more.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data analytics involves analyzing big data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations,used for business decision making. These analytics help researchers unfold valuable information from Big Data. We , at Newgenapps, implement Big Data Analytics using the latest computing technologies so as to solve the most challenging business problems.

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What we offer at Newgenapps

We support a wide array of Big Data services to solve the most complex of your business problems and derive profit. Following are the major areas where we expertise upon:

● Implementation: We help you deliver highly scalable, effective, high performance Big Data analytics applications. We help you reduce your time, effort, and cost.

● Data Service: Our adept data scientists and researched methodologies implement advanced models and algorithms that discover data patterns, shoot innovation, enterprise search, and statistics for decision making.

● Data Warehouse Modernization: As we are all aware that current day enterprises get choked from the huge amount of new structured and unstructured sources. Our DW modernization options help you enhance your DW interface in a complementary way. We lower your cost, risk and time for migration.

● NewGenApps also provides data governance in technologies like Hadoop, Mapreduce networks, AWS­elastic Map Reduce

● AWS red shift

● KINESIS: A fully managed cloud based service which is used for data processing of distributed data over large data streams. The Amazon Kinesis Client Library (KCL) build Amazon Kinesis applications that power real time dashboards, implement dynamic pricing, advertising, and much more.

● Scheduling and automation of report generation.