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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Driven by high moral values, newgenapps is an innovative, managed outsourcing, and a strategic IT company. We are a peerless mobile & web development company that has the experience and knowledge to make wonders in what it does.

Our mission

Our mission

We aim to provide high quality, cost effective custom IT services to our clients. Newgenapps dreams to manifest our client's imaginations to dynamic functional realities, this is what makes us different from other players in the market.



Result based exceptional mobile & web services and complete assistance for your business requirements at an affordable cost. We believe that the best assest of a product is its quality , hence we do not compromise on quality under any circumstances.

What we do

We are here to provide you quality business solutions on

Mobile App Development

We proudly state that we are one of the first companies to start developing for iPhone, Android and other smartphone platforms. Our experienced team is second to none, and we offer predictability and a fast time to market through use of sophisticated templates that we've developed over time. We provide mobile application services for a variety of platfotms (OS):

Cloud Solutions

Cloud services increases deployment flexibility along with interoperability. We help today's leading enterprises become digital by using cloud as a part of foundaion to derive new opportunities and build new models for more meaningful customer experiences. We also help you create online Cloud Backup and Content Storage solutions. Newgenapps has the deep expertise to facilitate cloud computing for you and help clients navigate the cloud landscape. We provide full stack cloud applications and infrasture management services so as to ease the customer experience.

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Platform Windows Azure

Web Development

When it comes to websites it demands an unmatched sense of technology and aesthetics. We excel in both, we build beautiful, responsive and search engine friendly websites and web apps. New generation frameworks like HTML 5, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, Joomla are used for giving the best in class service for websites ans apps. We offer groundbreaking web solutions to set off most complex web apps, high traffic e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce Solutions

Tailor-made eCommerce and mCommerce solutions have become the need of the day for stores around the world. We are passionate about creating such e-commerce websites that not only increasev your revenue, but also offer the best shopping experience for your customers. We develop elegant, scalable and high performance solutions for your online store.


UI & UX, Web designing

Our dedicated team of professionals aim at creating products, services, and interactive experiences that deliver a transcendent user experience (UX). We are a team of fucused UI designers, and resourceful information architects who create insightful online brand experiences.


Online marketing is vital for overall marketing of an organization. We provide integrated online campaigns to prospective buyers. Our online advertising approach combines creative messaging and the required back end analysis to figure out the best strategy for your business. Following are the major digital marketing services that we cater to:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Pay Per Click
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design

We help with

Minimal Viable Products

We help in developing minimum viable products / proof of concepts for your apps and web solutions with the core features. This allows you to share the idea with your early adopters and investors for a venture funding and receiving initial feedback. We become your development partners when you start to expand on your idea. 

Application Migration

We help in porting apps to different platforms keeping in mind platform specific design decisions, switch from traditional to modern technologies, upgrade to a newer version such that features remain backward compatible.

Rescue Tasks

Often you need to switch teams or developers due to several reasons - developer unavailability, bad-code or a technology assistance. We come to the rescue, troubleshoot issues and salvage your project through our persistence.

Specialized Tasks

We participate in beta tests giving our clients an early-adapting advantage over competition. We even work with Developer Programs Engineers to achieve specialized tasks. We attend developer conferences, update ourselves with latest technology and try and find the best solutions for problems/challenges through a network of highly experienced developers.