Stock footage platform for iOS and Mac

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With the advent of iPhones, iPads, and DSLR cameras shooting video, the opportunities were great for video syndication. NewGenApps was assigned a task to develop VidLib, a first-to-market stock footage platform for iOS and Mac.

  • Created by: Astha Jaitly, Gaurav Singh
  • Skills:
    iOS, iPad
  • Client: Jens Wikholm


We developed VidLib apps allowing access to over 30000 clips and helping professionals to license their clips on-the-go. The app has features like:

  • Access to over 30000 clips
  • Ability to
  • ~ download HD files to your computer via email to edit in Final Cut
    ~ save liked videos on your device and via Facebook
    ~ download straight to device or email to computer
    ~ swipe up for top selling videos
    ~ flip to landscape for full screen video swipe browse


VidLib's users can license clips with a quick and simple in-app purchase, with videos instantly loading to your device ready for use in iMovie or other editing apps.