Songwriters Pad

Top paid app (Android version) for music used by Grammy winners


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Songwriter's Pad

Write the best songs of your lIfe. Take your songwriting to the next level. Designer and songwriter Dante Varnado Moore originally created SP for personal use to capture ideas during travel on his daily commute. After field testing it he published it to the App Store and the rest is history.

It quickly captured the imagination of songwriter’s around the globe. Though very basic and limited in functionality in its early form, many began to use it as their primary songwriting tool. Source

  • Created by: Astha Jaitly, Gaurav Singh, Astha Jaiswal
  • Skills:
  • Client: Dante Moore


  • Cloud technology that allows you to seamlessly back up and sync songs between multiple devices including your Android powered Phone or Tablet and Windows and Mac PCs*.
  • Workflow is streamlined to keep you writing
  • Contains all of the essential tools that every songwriter needs
  • Easily and intuitively insert chords within your lyric
  • Got an idea for a melody? Tap 'Record' on the built in Audio Player and let it rip. Capture vocal ideas anytime inspiration strikes and save it with your lyric.


Some customers reviews: 

  • When you released the app it was a God send because it meant that I could leave my laptop at home and just use my iPhone or iPad. It also meant that I had a suitable replacement for a program I use called Master Writer. Jamie J
  • I use your app all the time I think it's great…its made songwriting a pleasure for me. Henry M



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