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Anatex Digital Toy

Anatex Digital Toy is a digital representation of existing Anatex proprietary games for children. It is envisioned to act as the extension to the company’s existing line of children toy products and the company’s entrance into the digital/technological sphere and market-space.

NewGenApps was chosen for developing this app on Android platform that could be installed on tablets and used on kiosks.


Since it is to be used in interactive kiosks by children, the program replaces the default interface of the Android Tablet by scaling itself to the height and width of the monitor. Also this interface scales on top of the Android’s pre-existing buttons located on the bottom of the interface thus overriding the pre-installed Google Android interface with the help of device rooting.

The Primary Application starts up as soon as the Tablet Device is powered on. The Primary Application has the ability to open other interactive Application packaged within itself:

  • The Magic Mirror Application
  • The Pathfinder w/ Pattern Card Application
  • The See & Spell Application
  • The Sliding Puzzles & Number 1-15 Puzzle Application
  • The Tangram Application
  • The MyPlate Application
  • The Tic Tac Toe Application
  • The USA Map Application
  • The Art Application
  • The Memory Games


The app was successfully delivered and would run on extra large screen tablets that could be fitted on kiosks and used by the children in an interactive way and with improved capabilities of Android OS.