Resources and Utilities

As more and more industries are showing inclination towards online presence, resources and utilities industry is not far behind. Utility entities have found web as their ultimate choice to generate more business. The Internet opens up a hub of communication channels for them.

What we do at Newgenapps

Like any other company utility companies also require a creditable and professional website to enhance their brand image. We help you do so. Moreover we create latest mobile apps for this industry which are customized as per the latest business requirements. Newgenapps assists utility industries’ web development. We provide various cloud solutions and AWS services too to our clients.

How can we help you

  • Maintain an open communication channel between end users and utilities industry
  • Inform the customer about important dates/notices on priority
  • Utility software and apps on different smartphone platforms and web browsers to suit your specific requirements.
  • Download and submit forms
  • Apply for employment
  • Allow customers to access important regulations